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Debate continues for control of Fair Park: Humann responds to criticisms

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions,” Walt Humann said about the feedback he has recieved about Fair Park and the plan to repair and update the location through a nonprofit foundation that ultimately would provide the 1930s-era site a more vigorous financial solvency.

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Debate continues for control of Fair Park: Williams discusses ‘process to get to a plan’

Much public discussion has been centered on Mayor Mike Rawling’s proposal that Fair Park may gain financial stability, make needed repairs and updates and attain more efficient overall management through an agreement with the nonprofit Fair Park Texas Foundation headed by Walt Humann.

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Iverson, Shaq headline emotional Hall of Fame ceremony

When Shaquille O’Neal was 10 years old, his father made a prediction. Friday night, it was realized when O’Neal became a Hall of Famer.

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International fashion show features African trends, benefits children in Africa

Designers from around the globe unveiled their Fall 2016 Fusion Collections for men and women during the Dallas International Fashion Show at the Music Hall at Fair Park on Sept. 4. The event, a collaboration between the city,

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Teaching for success: Welcoming and respecting every child

Teaching children may be the highest way to seek God. It is, however, also the most daunting way, in the sense of the greatest responsibility. – Gabriela Mistral, Chilean Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature

The quintessential Dr. Juanita Wallace: an active activist in the fight for justice

“Want to go p—- off some White folks?”

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NMAAHC: Telling America’s story

“It is the purpose of the National Memorial Association; to erect a beautiful building suitable to depict the [N]egro’s contribution to America in the military service, in art, literature, invention, science, industry, etc. – fitting tribute to the Negro’s contributions and achievements, and which would serve as an educational center giving inspiration and pride to the present and future generations that they may be inspired to follow the examples of those who have aided in the advancement of the race and Nation.” – National Memorial Association, 1915

Five steps in the march to civil rights, equality

Whether patriots disguised as “Indians” or heirs of Attucks at a Woolworth’s lunch counter or drag goddesses marching down Fifth Avenue, the power of disruption has been the overwhelming tool of the otherwise oppressed in their respective marches toward equity in the American Dream. In many ways, a dream – a la Martin Luther King Jr. – has been the cadence along a similar set of civil steps.

Politics, race and college rivalry – a different playing field

We are way beyond the “melting pot” – that yesteryear vision of a United States of America when we would be so diverse racially that we could embrace any one of us as true Americans.

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Sickle Cell Disease

September is National Sickle Cell Awareness Month. First officially recognized by the federal government in 1983, the national awareness month calls attention to sickle cell disease, a genetic disease.

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Key factors that can improve your quality of life as you age

When it comes to aging, Americans harbor plenty of concerns: going broke, succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease and/or spending the final lonely years in a nursing home.

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University of Texas honors first Black students

When Nathaniel Bradford enrolled at the University of Texas in 1963, he couldn’t join the band. Or a fraternity. Or play on the football team.

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Dallas ISD invites educators to design, launch a Choice School

The Office of Transformation and Innovation announced last week the release of the Public School Choice Competitive Proposal Process

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Louisiana governor: Flood damage at least $8.7 billion

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said his state had more than $8.7 billion in damage from catastrophic flooding in August, and the figure will increase as officials finish assessing damage to roads and other public infrastructure.

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The political dialogue: Social media’s challenge to democracy

I’ve been involved in politics for the better part of a lifetime and have spoken at a lot of public meetings over the years.

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Understanding a breast cancer diagnosis

Whether it’s October or not, breast cancer is one of the most recognized cancers in the world.

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Increasing the community’s financial literacy

Irvin Ashford, the new national director for financial literacy at Comerica Inc., has dedicated his life to making the community financially successful.

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DuVernay conquers the small screen with Queen Sugar

The new family drama Queen Sugar follows three estranged siblings in a rural Louisiana town as they struggle to make sense of their lives while preserving a family legacy: a failing sugar-cane farm.

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Kaepernick's stance reveals hidden racism

As candidates running for office in the November election begin to turn the focus toward minority voters during the last leg of their campaigns, a couple of Republicans may have made a major misstep.

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Does your child have health insurance?

If asking parents this simple question could help ensure children stay healthier, do better in school, and even save a child’s life


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