Its Up to You

Farrakhan tells students: You are chosen to build a world

Ashahed M. Muhammad | 4/6/2013, 8:30 a.m.
Though some were unhappy with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s presence, their efforts and weak protestations were drowned out by ...
Louis Farrakhan speaks to a group of students from Macon County high schools and Tuskegee University on the university’s campus in Tuskegee, Ala., on March 22. Farrakhan's visit is part of his ongoing series of speeches at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He spoke last April at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville. – Photo by Mickey Welsh of the Montgomery Advertiser

— A large crowd came to hear the minister despite steady rains and delivery of the main message mostly to college students on a Friday night. Clearly, the community and students were seeking answers to problems, and wanted to hear solutions from Farrakhan.

The previous night in the historic Tuskegee chapel, nearly 600 gathered for a presentation featuring a DVD with highlights from Farrakhan’s historic world tours and peace missions. He also spoke to students for nearly 45 minutes, then held a question and answer session.

Demonstrations of support came from all levels of the Tuskegee community: The local NAACP sent a letter of support in favor of the minister’s visit and circulated a proclamation. The Black Belt Deliberative Dialogue Group, a group that spearheaded the effort, responded with a positive YouTube posting. Members of the group stated that although their publicity and advertising worked, the actions of the enemies of truth motivated them to do even more to make the three-day event successful.

The enemy’s fear of the spread of the minister’s ideas was obvious, in fact, a spokesperson for the Montgomery, Ala.-based Southern Poverty Law Center was quoted in local newspapers speaking words to that effect. The minister said those who fear truth and have misused and exploited Black talent and minds for centuries will always fear his words and ideas.

“They hate Farrakhan and they want you to hate me as well,” the Nation of Islam minister said. “It’s not because I’m a bad person, it’s just that what’s in my mouth terrifies them.”

Naked truth is running down a well-dressed lie, he noted.

The enemies of the rise of Black people will not educate students to prepare them for rulership and oppose attempts to break the enemy’s grip, Farrakhan explained.

The slave master moved God out of the way, stood in his place and made Blacks call slave masters “master” and stood in God’s place, he added.

“And some of them today, still think they have that position, but I’m here to serve notice on you, God has come and there is no master for the Black man but Allah ‒ God himself!” he stated emphatically as the crowd cheered.

“That’s why the enemy says ‘don’t go near Farrakhan.’ Why shouldn’t they hear me? Because you know that what I have received from Allah, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, will free every mind and guess what? It will free your mind. In fact about it, you are on the cusp of your death.

“Your world is collapsing around you, you have problems that you don’t have the knowledge of how to solve, and there is no institution that can give you the knowledge to solve the problems that this world has entered into,” the minister added.

Old minds using outdated information and methods are unqualified to produce the new generation of leaders within the Black community, and the misrepresentation of Black leaders such as Washington, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. in the media and by historians has created misunderstanding among young Black students, and created difficulty in identifying famous Black mentors to pattern their lives after, he continued. The enemy pays lip service to Washington but works to gradually destroy his ideas, in fact, Washington was often derogatively referred to as an Uncle Tom, which repelled Black nationalists from studying his ideas, noted Farrakhan.