Its Up to You

Farrakhan tells students: You are chosen to build a world

Ashahed M. Muhammad | 4/6/2013, 8:30 a.m.
Though some were unhappy with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s presence, their efforts and weak protestations were drowned out by ...
Louis Farrakhan speaks to a group of students from Macon County high schools and Tuskegee University on the university’s campus in Tuskegee, Ala., on March 22. Farrakhan's visit is part of his ongoing series of speeches at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He spoke last April at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville. – Photo by Mickey Welsh of the Montgomery Advertiser

— When it comes to historical Black figures, the establishment only promotes Black leaders they’ve placed their stamp of approval on. The enemy will either water down the message, or engage in revisionist history, he said.

They present “Martin Luther King [as] just a man who had a dream, and Malcolm X a man who said ‘by any means necessary’ without acquainting you with a body of knowledge that caused Martin Luther King to start evolving,” the minister said. “You have his speech from ’63 but you don’t have his speech in ’68 before he was killed. You have Malcolm, Ballots or Bullets, but you don’t have the underpinning of the knowledge that transformed an eighth grade student into scholarship that whipped the best that Harvard and Yale produces.”

“Let me tell you something about Harvard and Yale ‒ they produce educated slaves!” the minister said. “And they want Historically Black Colleges and Universities to do the same.”

As a result, many Blacks are “White men and women in Black skin” whose minds must be reformed entirely before they will be useful to God in bringing in a new world, he said.

Research, vigilance and history

The minister commented on the high amount of government funding received by Tuskegee University ostensibly for research, but warned the investment is not as altruistic and well-meaning as it seems. A longtime advocate of independent education and institutions, the minister said the Black community must be vigilant when approached by those proven in the past to be untrustworthy and often ill-motivated.

“Your former slave masters don’t give you money without having another purpose beyond what they tell you,” Farrakhan warned. “You have to remember history to guide you in the way you think. It’s all right to think that people have changed, but you cannot go to sleep, you have to watch the change.”

The real haters have a brutal legacy of murder and violence aimed at Black people, said Farrakhan. The real haters are working to limit Black progress and reduce the birthrate and population of the darker peoples of the earth, he said.

“Can you imagine them calling me a hater? I never segregated anybody,” the minister said. “If you couldn’t be buried in a grave next to a White person ‒ I didn’t do that. I didn’t beat you when you tried to integrate a lunch counter. I didn’t put dogs and cattle prods on you for just wanting a bit of justice. The real hater did that! That one dressed up in the garment of truth, but the truth is on his case today, so the deceiver is afraid that his deception will be exposed.”

He recalled the legacy of the Tuskegee Experiment, in which Black men over a 40-year period, between 1932 and 1972, were subjects of a study to examine the progression of untreated syphilis. The men were told they were receiving free health care. He also talked about “HeLa cells,” the terminology used to describe the immortal cell line of Henrietta Lack which is used in scientific research. The Black woman died of cervical cancer, but her cells are used for research. Black people have a history of being used for medical testing and suffering while others get rich off of the research, Farrakhan pointed out.