Empowered to Win

Bronson challenges the not-ready-yet to live their dreams

Michael McGee | 12/2/2013, 2:03 a.m.
“I call myself a let-me-get-it-right … sinner,” Minister Sherry Bronson told the crowd gathered for her Empowered to Win fundraiser ...
Minister Sherry Bronson reveals the three keys to rev-up one’s faith. Mike McGee

Lindsay’s message, however, was not one of salvation but rather a personal testimony of what could be accomplished through the power of God for those who believe, even in the midst of personal misfortune.

“Isn’t it amazing how our Heavenly Father can turn some of our biggest tests into our testimonies?” he asked.

As he told his story, Lindsay spoke about how, at 9 months old, he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma – a rapidly developing rare form of eye cancer that usually occurs before age 5. Surgery was called upon to fight this malignant cancer which ultimately cost him his eyesight. The needs of his soul, Lindsay explained, were taken care of by his parents who dedicated their son’s life to Christ while he was in surgery.

“Let Blake’s blindness open other people’s eyes,” he said as he relayed the words of his parent’s prayer and their attitude. “Help them to have inner vision like they’ve never had before.”

Lindsay said he has always trusted God and has lived a life that expressed that belief. He told the crowd how he had gone skydiving, and even used to ride his bicycle on the street outside of his house, using his father’s voice and the clanking of his dad’s bike chain to guide him.

“He could run over a paper cup and I would literally run over the same litter that he just ran over,” he stated. “And that’s how we’re supposed to be with our Heavenly Father. That’s how we’re supposed to hear the Holy Spirit every day.”

Lindsey drew out applause and verbal reactions of amazement several times during his presentation. He indicated that the message he wanted folks to take home was that, with a focus on faith, they too could surmount any odds.

“Facing challenges and setting goals are something we have to do fairly frequently in our lives. And I want you to do it with a winning vision,” Lindsay stated. “We need to acknowledge our Lord when he brings us in the right direction.”

Envisioning success was a key to opening the door to God and finishing strong, Lindsey said. He concluded his testimony as he exclaimed a single simple thought.

“Go out there and be the winners God wants you to be.”