What can we do to stop the epidemic?

Special to The Dallas Examiner | 12/24/2013, 9:50 a.m.

• If we are infected with HIV/AIDS, we can share our story with others.

• If we are parents, we can teach our children about safe sex, even if we are teaching them to abstain from premarital sex.

HIV/AIDS is real and still hitting our community at epidemic proportions. And we cannot afford to ignore it. If you don’t know or never met anyone with the disease, you will at some point in your life if the population of African Americans living with HIV/AIDS continues to grow at the pace it is now. The disease is not going to go away unless we, as a community, become outraged enough to take on the battle against the disease.

Each year, The Dallas Examiner publishes articles on HIV/AIDS, including: features on individuals living with HIV or AIDS, articles about the disease itself, news about new medications or updates regarding the advancements in research, and even features about those who are dying or have died from AIDS-related illnesses. And our job is not done. We will continue to do our part to educate, inform and motivate the community as our part of the fight to end this epidemic.

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