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Renaissance Oaks receives $100 million transformation

Special to The Dallas Examiner

Dallas Examiner | 7/15/2013, 9:16 a.m.
Several city officials participate in a ribbon cutting to commemorate the opening of Renaissance Oaks and the completion of a $100 million project to revitalize the Roseland Community, May 30. City of Dallas

Special to The Dallas Examiner

On May 30, Mayor Mike Rawlings and County Judge Clay Jenkins joined the Dallas Housing Authority as it unveiled Renaissance Oaks, the seventh and final development in the Roseland Community. Renaissance Oaks includes 85 units for elderly and disabled residents.

“Developing affordable housing is a difficult proposition, but what makes it all worthwhile is seeing our elderly and disabled families opening the door to an apartment they can afford in a place they are proud to call home.

Renaissance Oaks will serve as a very special community of elderly and disabled residents. We are proud of the beautiful facility and services that will be offered here,” said MaryAnn Russ, Dallas Housing Authority president/CEO.

“The completion of the Roseland Community emphasizes our commitment to a holistic housing approach. This $100 million investment includes supportive services, buildings for Head Start, a gymnasium and community center. We are not just creating brick and mortar buildings, we are creating better futures,” added Terdema Ussery, Dallas Housing Authority board chair.

The Roseland Community transformation began in 1998 and the total investment exceeds $100 million. The area is located just North of Downtown, at Munger and Washington avenues. Previous phases included: Roseland Townhomes, Roseland Estates, Roseland Gardens, Carroll Townhomes, Monarch Townhomes and Roseland Scattered Sites. With the opening of Renaissance Oaks, 695 new affordable housing units have been added to the neighborhood.