Black Press continues to serve special role

3/31/2013, 3:49 p.m.

Lewis said, "There's a history in the Black Press. I think that there is also a lot of worth in having a physical newspaper." Lewis continued: "News is so immediate, that there is a value in having something online as soon as something happens. In the past we would be able to embargo something for a week, but now we're just embargoing it for 10 minutes."

After the panel discussion, Cloves Campbell, chairman of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, said that reaching that younger, more connected, Hip-hop generation remains a top priority.

"Our readership is getting older and we have to make sure that we put content in our newspapers that the younger generation wants to read," Campbell said. "Bringing Jineea in was the best thing that we could have done to get that other perspective from a younger person who is right there on the ground with the people we are trying to reach. Having her here and having her participate more in the future will be the key to our success."

Campbell also said that the Black Press has to embrace technology and learn to connect to readers through social media. Campbell said that Black newspapers also need to be more community-oriented and show more support for local organizations.

He said, "We have to hit the ground and get some perspective on what readers want by hosting forums, round table discussions and focus groups."