The beginning of The End

Dallas men step up to stop domestic abuse

Diane Xavier | 3/31/2013, 6:49 p.m.
“It’s time for Dallas men to stand up. We have taken the stand to stop domestic violence in Dallas. We ...
Advocates and leaders in the community join Mayor Mike Rawlings on stage to support the Dallas Rally Against Domestic Violence campaign. City of Dallas

— Paul Smith, owner of Southwest Longhorns, also attended the rally.

“This is something I strongly believe in because my whole motto is that any man who hits a woman is not too much of a man,” Smith said. “He’s not going to be able to stand up to any man. Getting these guys at a real young age and showing them how to be a real man is important.”

Dorian Clemons attends Daniel Intermediate School. He is only 10 years old but said coming to this rally was important to him.

“I attended so I could learn to be a man and know right from wrong,” Clemons said. “Also, so that I could learn why a grown man should never hit a woman.”

Tray Gamble, who attends St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School, also participated in the rally.

“I came here to learn how to respect a woman and keep my hands off of her and have respect for her,” Gamble said.

Nicholas Harlan said it was not in God’s plan for man and woman to commit violence against each other.

“When God made man, he made them stronger so they could protect the woman,” Harlan said. “But if you use that to hurt a woman, that’s not what God put us on earth to do.”

Jamar Bruce came to the rally with his fiancée Brittany Frazier.

“I’m here to support the rally and because the issue of domestic violence needs to come to an end,” Bruce said.

His fiancée also came to support the rally.

“I’m here to support this movement because this is a message that needs to be heard,” Frazier said. “Because it is happening, you can save someone’s life any minute by speaking up against domestic violence.”