Two reasons why Mother’s Day is special

Casey Thomas | 5/13/2013, 10:04 a.m.

I’m not a writer, I just have something to say. This Sunday is a special day for many reasons. Many people celebrate Mother’s Day because of the love and appreciation they have for their mother or women who have been mother-figures in their lives. Others celebrate Mother’s Day because that is the one day of the year that they can put other things aside and reminisce about the good times when they were growing up. However, for me there are two main reasons why Mother’s Day is special.

The first reason is a woman by the name of Mary Dell Thomas. Born and raised in South Dallas, Thomas is an only child. Her mother passed at an early age so she was taught how to be a mother by her grandmother and her own life experiences. A mother of four boys and one girl, she raised four of them as a single mother and worked as a beautician to provide for their well-being.

Since she was such a beautiful woman inside and outside, even though she had four children, she attracted a man who was willing to help her raise the children, and in return she gave him his only son. Together, with her husband’s encouragement, she went on to open up her own business, Mary’s Hair Design. Since she was such a good beautician and beauty shop owner, she was invited to join associations for beauty shop owners and soon became a leader in them.

As she enters her golden years, Mary still inspires a new generation of beauticians, including her daughter, Renea Wheeler, who went on to take over ownership of Mary’s Hair Design. Wheeler, who has became a force as a beautician of her own, was able to successfully pass the beauty salon onto women whom she took under her wing. She has truly proven worthy of the praise and love that she has received.

The next reason why Mother’s Day is special is a young lady by the name of LaKisha Thomas. Born and raised in Longview, Texas, Thomas is an only child who beat the odds. Growing up to a single parent, she was an excellent student and had a very outgoing personality. She was always the one who stood out in a crowd because of her intellect and the way she carried herself. As an outstanding student, Thomas was chosen to serve on the student board of Longview Bank and Trust.

As someone who has always cared about her people, she would inspire other students to study their history and would challenge her teachers about the contributions made to society by people of African descent. After graduating high school, she would go on to graduate from the University of North Texas, and be the first in her family to graduate from college.

As a gifted speaker and teacher, Thomas became an educator where she could inspire young people to be the best that they could be. After spending 10 years as a classroom teacher, she was voted by her peers to be Teacher of the Year in her last year in the classroom. As an administrator, she has earned the respect of her peers and those teachers that she mentors as an instructional coach.

She has become a sought after speaker and teacher throughout the Metroplex, but the role and responsibility she values most is mother. As the mother of two handsome boys, she pours herself into them so they will see an example of what they would want as a wife. She truly loves spending time with her family and she puts her family first.

If you haven’t figured it by now, Mary Thomas is my mother and LaKisha Thomas is my wife. These two women have shown what it means to be a woman and a mother. If for no other reason, these two make Mother’s Day special for me.