‘Cutting Edge’ call for global youth leaders

Devon A. Mosley | 5/20/2013, 10:55 a.m. | Updated on 5/20/2013, 4:06 p.m.
On April 27, approximately 200 students came from near and far to the University of Texas at Arlington to learn ...

After this inspiring speech on finishing strong, Guinn gave announcements and broke attendees out into the following workshop sessions:

• The Importance of Being a Global Leader

• Creative Writing and Spoken Word

• Academic Writing for the Classroom

• Young Business Owners Can Change the World!

• Culture and Identity: Is Race Important?

• Gearing Up for College Level Math

• Student Leadership 101

• Money Talks: Scholarships and Grants

• Parenting Today

• World Literature and Global Perspectives

• Financial Literacy

• Education and Accountability

• Understanding the Holocaust

After these workshops were lunch and a talent show, after which more workshops were held:

• Grant Funding for You

• Intro to Spanish

• Intro to French

• Intercultural Discussion

• Self-Esteem in Today’s World

• Learning about Study Abroad

• Culture and Identity: Is Race Important?

• Understanding the Law: Student Legal Services

Crowley attended the “Young Business Owners Can Change the World” workshop and had some positive insights.

“[It] really opened the kids’ eye letting them know it can be for anyone,” Crowley said. “[There are] quite a few opportunities, the only bad part was that I wish there was even more interest.”

After the afternoon workshops, Guinn introduced the afternoon keynote speaker Dr. Carrie Tonson, vice-president of Continuing Education at Tarrant County College-Southeast, who gave an outstanding closing speech relevant to the summit’s theme of global leadership.

Sanders could not have agreed more with this key point.

“The summit empowered young people to help them understand global competition, even at a young age,” Sanders said with excitement.