Journey of Hope

A merger of medicine and miracles

Michael McGee | 11/7/2013, 5:04 p.m.
There are times when the coincidences or ironies of life can take the course of phenomena that become more of ...
Desmond Pringle and his father, Bishop Lavern Pringle Sr. of Kingdom Records

He mentioned that it offers pastors and laypeople the tools and techniques to take ownership of their health, further introducing medical science to those who often only rely on prayer and scripture in matters of biology.

“It’s a merger of the possible and the impossible; the medicinal and the miraculous,” he noted.

Pringle said that while dealing with his father’s death, his faith gave him strength to carry on. He drew upon Philippians 1:21 to further illustrate his focus during this difficult time. Despite the shock of what so recently happened within his family, Pringle remained accepting and philosophical.

“As believers, this is what we believe: to live is Christ, to die is gain. Either way, we win,” he said about his father’s brief battle. “He would have lived to be a testimony of what God can do as it pertains to miracles and signs of wonder, or he fell asleep in Christ. He’s home with the Lord.”

As he described the ongoing emotional journey through such fresh events, Pringle said he remained as determined as ever to promoting cancer prevention. The free Los Angeles concert resulted in almost 50 pastors signing up to be further involved with the CTCA. He also stated that he is committed to doing more events in 2014.

“Cancer is a universal pain,” he said. “It’s just not specific or exclusive to any one group of people. And just as cancer is a universal pain, music is a universal language, and what a wonderful merger of mediums to really serve people who really need the help the most.”

Pringle added that in the days to come he will continue to be vigilant in spreading the word about prevention, including early detection and screening.

He stated, firm in his faith and strong in his mission, “We do believe that cancer is beatable and treatable, and it is survivable.”