Obama’s reform plan ‘misplaced’ for HBCUs

Freddie Allen | 9/16/2013, 11:24 a.m.

Harvey said that the president’s goal to have the highest college graduation rates in the world coupled with changes to the PLUS program were “irreconcilable.”

Harvey added that the Department of Education should immediately return to the pre-2011 interpretation of “adverse credit history. This could be done by the Department of Education issuing a guidance document which states that ‘adverse credit history’ is to be interpreted and defined just as it was prior to 2011,” Harvey said.

Malveaux called for an effective HBCU lobbying group, comprised of parents, students and policy people that could work to mitigate any potential damage caused by the president’s college affordability plan.

Taylor remains optimistic about the president’s goals and recent proposal for a college ratings system. He said that the ratings system needs to compare schools that have similar missions and similar student populations and look at which schools have the greatest impact on the largest number of students.

“If they do that, I think HBCU’s are going to be fine, other minority-serving institutions are going to be fine,” Taylor said. “But if they take an overly simplified kind of approach to a very complex problem, then this is going to be a disaster.”