It’s time to grow up: Voting in every election

Casey Thomas | 4/14/2014, 11:16 a.m.
We can no longer wait to vote in presidential elections. We have too much at stake to sit out any ...
Casey Thomas

A question that I hear fairly regular is what organization is playing the role of PVL today and who are this generation’s candidates for elected office. It is important that anyone who is willing to offer themselves for public office should have spent some time working in community organizations or have worked on campaigns of candidates in the past. This will give them the credibility they will need to be considered a serious candidate.

Lastly, we have to financially support candidates that we believe in. Everything that a candidate needs requires money. From yard signs to literature given out on Election Day, candidates must have the funds necessary to get their message out. Every penny counts and every dime adds up. When considering how serious a person is for elected office, people often look at a candidate’s financial reports. If the candidate does not have money to run a well-funded campaign, they may want to reconsider and use that time to identify people who will support them financially.

I have often heard the saying all politics is local, and if this is true the only way we will be respected and taken seriously will be if we put our vote where our mouth is. We have to vote in every election. We can’t afford not to.