College 101: Preparing for life on campus

Family Features | 8/25/2014, 11:21 a.m.
For the entering college freshman, the days leading up to the start of the academic year can be filled with ...
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For the entering college freshman, the days leading up to the start of the academic year can be filled with great anticipation and anxiety. But there are ways to begin this new journey on the right foot with a little preparation ahead of time.

Below are a few major aspects of college life, along with some ideas to help you succeed in each one.

Tips for achieving academic success

Open your mind with these tips for achieving academic success during college:

Don’t stress about your major –

While many students are pressured into choosing their field of study before enrollment or very early in their college career, most college graduates will admit it took some time to figure it all out. Unless you are 100 percent certain of your career path, go a safer route by signing up for courses in several subjects that interest you. This will allow you to sample different disciplines and develop passions you may not have been introduced to during your previous studies.

Know your professor –

Take advantage of office hours and visit with each educator throughout the semester. This not only helps build a relationship with your teacher, it also gives you one-on-one time to go over any concepts or ideas you do not understand.

Follow your passions –

Though your schedule likely includes many prerequisite and general education courses, you should always allow for at least one “fun” class that lets you focus on talents, skills and subjects that truly interest you. If you have one class to look forward to, it can make all the difference when trying to balance your studies.

Add class to your wardrobe –

Looking your best gives you the confidence to excel in other ways, too, whether in the classroom or developing your new social circle. Set yourself up for success with these style tips:

Best foot forward –

If you’re like most freshmen, you will want to put your best foot forward. Having a stylish head-to-toe look can give you the confidence you need. One of the hottest options now is the Nike Zoom Soldier VIII, the newest evolution of the Zoom Soldier, and the preferred model on court by LeBron James this past season. You can find this favorite, featuring Flywire technology for more flexibility and breathability, and other quality must-haves from sneakers to apparel at Foot Locker stores and at http://www.footlocker.com.

Express yourself –

During your college years, you’ll never be far from your trusty laptop or tablet, which makes it an ideal way to showcase your personality while protecting your investment (and critical course notes). These days, the sky is the limit for stylish covers with options ranging from basic colors and patterns and pop culture icons to custom designs featuring your favorite photos. Just be sure to check for a proper snug fit for maximum protection from scratches or other accidents.

While the start of your college career may seem intimidating, you can be confident and ready for everything this special time has to offer by putting a few of these ideas into practice.