The most important Christmas gifts

The Dallas Examiner | 12/28/2014, 5:42 p.m.
It’s not surprising that during the Christmas holiday, songs like I’ll be Home for Christmas and Blue Christmas have been ...
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Our youth are the flowers and the fruit of our family tree, and they are our future. Our elders are the roots of the tree and they possess important information about our past. Those in the middle – parents, uncles, aunts, older cousins, etc. – are the trunks and the branches, and can be instrumental in helping the youth and the elders find common ground and realize how valuable and precious each member of the family is. And honestly, not all of our relatives will be with us every year. Many of us have a list of those we especially miss at Christmas time. We should make the most of the time we have with those who are still around.

Families across the country have many different traditions. Gathering everyone together to share stories or hold a group conversation could be one of the most important traditions that we pass on. It doesn’t matter if your family is small or has more members than you can count. It doesn’t matter if your presents are stacked higher than your Christmas tree or if your family was blessed by a charity that placed a few presents under the tree. Whatever the family make-up, it’s important for us to remember that the most valuable gift during the holidays is the time you spend with loved ones.