The Height of Fashion

Entrepreneur puts tall fashions in department stores

Chelsea Jones | 1/6/2014, 11:52 a.m.
Being 6 feet 1 inch, Lameka Weeks was tired of not finding clothes that fit. She barely had enough properly ...
Left photo: Height Goddess fashions. Right photo: Lameka Weeks The Height Goddess

The Dallas Examiner

Being 6 feet 1 inch, Lameka Weeks was tired of not finding clothes that fit. She barely had enough properly sized clothes in her closet. As a corporate professional, she had an even harder time obtaining business attire. Thus, she decided to create Height Goddess, an online fashion boutique that sells clothes designed for tall women.

How it all started

Initially, she tried to open a store. However, that endeavor proved to be too difficult. She couldn’t find clothes to buy to bring into the store. She asked people for advice and did research and eventually turned her vision into reality by constructing an online boutique.

Today, Height Goddess, which is operated by Weeks and her sales manager, is an in-house clothing line that caters to women 5 feet 9 inches and taller. Raving about her company, she explained that it is helping tall women to feel confident about their bodies and eliminating their need to shop in the men’s clothing section.

Ranging in sizes from 4 to 20, the items featured in the 2014 fall/winter collection are the Charlotte Dress Pant, the Victoria Wide Leg Trouser, the Heather Skinny Jean in various colors, and the Moto Jacket. Weeks mentioned that many adjustments have to be made to clothing for tall women.

“People think it’s just a matter of adding length to a pant or sleeve. Most tall women have broader shoulders, so the placement of the sleeve has to be adjusted, as well as the [width] across the back. They’re going to have a longer torso [so] you’re adjusting the length of the shirt as well. And then with the pants, [it’s] where they’re going to fit on the waist, the knee placement [and] the rise,” she said.

Weeks designs the clothes; however, she doesn’t describe herself as a designer. She works with a professional designer, and the two collaborate to come up with ideas.

First, they draft the sketches and build the prototypes and the patterns. Then, they craft the samples and send them to a production center here in Texas.

A lot of her designs, Weeks commented, are inspired by what she doesn’t have in her closet. Her first designs were jeans, because she didn’t have any. She recounted how she used to go into stores looking for jeans, but after not having luck in finding her size, sales associates always wanted her to try on men’s jeans.

Her other designs are based on the suggestions she receives from people on social media. Weeks shared, though, that she typically doesn’t fashion clothes according to the latest trends. However, at times she does, especially if she thinks a trend will be long-lasting, such as the case with skinny jeans.

Clothing prices range from $24 to $189. Sales are offered during the holidays and on special occasions. For example, anytime someone signs up to receive emails from Height Goddess, they are given a coupon code that can be applied to their next purchase.

Furthermore, Weeks said that her company had a Black Friday sale, and that for the whole month of December, it’s offering free shipping. The highly popular and in-demand maxi dresses are being sold at lower prices as well.