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The Dallas Examiner | 6/16/2014, 8:58 a.m.
The Dallas ISD’s Human Capital Management department will host a job fair for teachers on June 13 from 9 a.m. ...

The Dallas Examiner


The Dallas ISD’s Human Capital Management department will host a job fair for teachers on June 13 from 9 a.m. to noon at Emmett J. Conrad High School, located at 7502 Fair Oaks Ave. The department is hiring teachers in all certification areas, including English language arts, special education, social studies, ESL and elementary generalists. The hiring event will provide information about signing incentives for bilingual education, science and mathematics. Interested candidates must register online at http://www.dallasisd.org/hcmjobfair and bring registration confirmation to the event. Applicants must also bring a teaching certificate or other document to prove teaching eligibility.


The Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles will address the community about Destination 2020 in a progress report on June 17 at 4:30 p.m. at W.H. Adamson High School auditorium, located at 309 E. Ninth St. The event will reveal how Miles’ transformation plan is progressing. Seating is limited. Interested individuals must RSVP online at http://www.dallasisd.org/progressreport.


The city of Dallas has received a number of calls about the city’s policy pertaining to individuals who feel they may have been victims of discrimination at a public accommodation.

Dallas City Code (31-3) states: “A person commits an offense if he discriminates against, withholds from, or denies a person any of the advantages, facilities, or services offered to the general public by a place of public accommodation because of race, religion, sex, color, or national origin. It further states that an offense is committed if he refuses admission to or expels from a place of public accommodation, a person for noncompliance with a dress, grooming, or identification requirement that was not previously posted in writing.”

Chapter 46 of the Dallas City Code also prohibits discrimination in public accommodations based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Place of Public Accommodation means every business within the city, whether wholesale or retail, or place of entertainment, which is open to the general public and offers for compensation any product, service or facility, and includes all hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs or cabarets where food or beverages are sold or offered for sale; theaters; retail houses; washaterias; bowling alleys; skating rinks; golf courses; and all public conveyances as well as their stations or terminals.

“Dallas is a diverse city that values all persons and promotes respect and equal treatment for everyone who uses public accommodations,” said City of Dallas Housing Department Assistant Director Beverly Davis.

Persons who feel they have been discriminated against should contact the City of Dallas Fair Housing Office at 214-670-3247.


During the regular monthly meeting of the Dallas County Community College District’s board of trustees on June 3, members elected a new chair, Charletta Rogers Compton, who has served as a DCCCD trustee since 2000 for District 7. She succeeds Jerry Prater of Garland, who has been chair of the board for 11 years. Compton is the first ethnic minority to serve as chair of the DCCCD board.

She earned her associate’s degree from Mountain View College and her bachelor’s degree from Dallas Baptist University. Compton also earned certification as a contract compliance administrator. She previously served as vice chair for the DCCCD board of trustees from July 2010 to June 2012. She also has served as chair of the DCCCD audit committee and as a member of both the DCCCD trustees’ planning and budget committee and the board audit committee. Her term expires in 2018.