Future of Fair Park to highlight Black culture

Michael McGee | 6/19/2014, 8:04 p.m.
“The mayor and I have some great news to tell you together,” Councilmember Carolyn R. Davis told the crowd gathered ...
Councilmember Carolyn R. Davis and Mayor Mike Rawlings unveil sweeping changes and rebuilding of MLK Boulevard and Fair Park, June 10. Mike McGee

The mayor further stated that the improvements to the park’s gateway – what he called “one of the most important entrances in Dallas” – would help connect the local neighborhoods and make a significant difference to both visitors and area residents.

“It’s a huge day for Fair Park, for Dallas, and for GrowSouth,” he said, making reference to his continuing initiative to expand business and improve the quality of life in the southern regions of the county. “And that’s the message today, Fair Park is a year-round destination for people to come and see.”

The mayor also admitted that crime prevention will have to play a role in this new direction for Fair Park. There are still specific properties and general areas that require the attention of law enforcement.

“Safety has been an adamant concern for us and crime has gone down significantly in the last 10 years. It’s got to be a block-by-block issue and we’ve got to have zero tolerance, keep things clean. It’s hard work, but right here is one of the safest streets going in Dallas,” he offered as he gestured toward the intersection of Robert B. Cullum Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. “It’s safety first, then investment, then I think more and more people come.”