Seeing Dallas change from a bird’s eye view

Casey Thomas | 6/23/2014, 8:56 a.m.
Last week I talked about my experience going on a bus tour of Southern Dallas’ newest development projects. This week, ...
Casey Thomas

We loaded back up on the bus and headed further up Bexar Street. As we went under the bridge, we were soon reminded of how things used to be. We noticed boarded-up buildings and dilapidated apartments. We continued to ride until we saw a brand-new set of apartments that were going up. It was Turner Courts Apartments. They now have a new name: Buckeye Commons. The residents who move here will take pride in knowing that special care was put into the construction of the complex.

Around the corner from the Commons is the foundation for a community garden that will provide fresh fruit and vegetables for residents of that community. We rode a little further and got off the bus to see a greenhouse and vegetation system that not only allows for better food choices but also an apprenticeship of skills that are providing many men in that community an opportunity for employment.

My confidence was renewed in the hope and future of not only South Dallas but other parts of the southern parts of Dallas. If we can take a long-term view and make a commitment to change, we will not only see these projects grow and develop, but we will also lay the foundation for more projects to come in the future.