NAACP spent lion’s share with non-Black media

NATALIE COLE | 3/3/2014, 9:36 a.m.
The primary and most trustworthy source of news and information to Black Americans has been and continues to rest in ...
Natalie Cole Our Weekly

We were in the bleachers as Jackie Robinson hit homeruns into history. We were there for our Black entertainers, giving them a space when others would not. We pushed the word out to support the first Black president, Barack Obama; We cried for Trayvon Martin and his family, but we still showed up to do our business.

We’ve traveled all across this country and abroad and wherever there are Black people, there … right there with you is the Black Press. We are not here solely for the month of February, we are here daily, year-round to review, cover, talk about, and write about news and information that is important to you.

In some regards, you can compare us to the World Wide Web. When you need to know about a particular subject, many of you “google it” and what you get back is a vertical list of postings specific to your searching.

Similarly, with the Black Press, when you pick up a Black newspaper, it’s all about Black: our people, culture, communities, education, entertainment, challenges, successes, etc.

What would have happened if we had not been there? What will happen if we are not there tomorrow? Please don’t say you miss us as we close our doors. We need you to support us! If you and the NAACPs across the country are planning to run ad schedules, you should consider placement into a Black-owned media company. Stop taking us for granted!