What if Michael Dunn was Black?

Casey Thomas | 3/3/2014, 9:40 a.m.
By now, most people are familiar with who Michael Dunn is. If not, they have heard the name Jordan Davis
Casey Thomas

Unfortunately, Dunn was not a Black man, and Davis was not one of the young White men that was shot in the vehicle. Dunn is a middle-aged White male who had just left his son’s wedding reception where he had several drinks prior to confronting the young men in the car at the convenience store. He wrote letters during the time he was in jail awaiting trial speaking in derogatory manner about Black men. He considered hip-hop to be “thug” music.

As it has been announced that Dunn will be retried on the first-degree murder charge since the jury was hung on this charge, it says nothing about how the jury could not come to agreement on this. While many people think it was a no-brainer that Dunn would be found guilty, others who know how the criminal justice system works were not surprised.

We have to fight against injustices that we feel will lead to anymore young Black males being killed as a result of “looking like a thug.” We all have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, Davis will never get a chance to take advantage of this right. We have to stand our ground against things that will harm our children even when they are minding their own business.