It is time for Blacks in Texas to go to work!

Charles O’neal | 3/17/2014, 9:38 a.m.

Only slightly less difficult is proving educational, social service and health care inequity. Add in the justice system and you have the Holy Grail of right wing policy makers, and the reason it is critical that Black Texans unanimously debunk the drivel that passes for science in the allocation of government resources. When policy makers are more focused on debating evolution vs. creation – rather than the hard questions of student achievement – there should be no question why improving educational attainment for all students escapes our grasp. When homelessness, mental health and other societal dysfunctions are treated as not only inevitable but attributable to race; when access to health care is solely a function of income and employment (and race!), it should be easy to see why equitable representation on city councils, commissioner courts and legislative bodies is so critically important for Black Texans.

As we head to Spring run-off and municipal elections and prepare for another round of “… I’m more conservative than you …” and “… I hate Obama and the federal government more than you …,” on the way to the November general election, Black Texans simply have to begin to act and interact as powerfully as our growing presence in our state’s population dictate. After decades of watching other groups utilize the tactics we mastered during the civil rights era to make their cases for inclusion, it is more than fair for Black Texans to tap into the loud, brash, boisterous clamor of the tea party to make our case. After all, there are more Black Texans than there are wild-eyed, far right wing crazies in our state. I think …

Charles O’Neal is lead consultant at Strategique. He can be reached at charles@strategiquebiz.com or @blkbizntexas.