‘The Greatest Mix’ celebrates Core DJ’s 10th anniversary

National Newspaper Publishers Association | 5/1/2014, 7:46 p.m.
The NNPA, a federation of approximately 200 Black newspapers, and the Hip-Hop Union, a governing body of businesses and entrepreneurs ...
Adonis Shropshire, Grammy Award-winning songwriter (left) and Nicholas Cooper, vocal coach to the stars. Courtesy of C2B Music Conference

National Newspaper Publishers Association

The NNPA, a federation of approximately 200 Black newspapers, and the Hip-Hop Union, a governing body of businesses and entrepreneurs and the largest DJ coalition in the world, join forces to eliminate the communication barriers that have plagued Black America for years. “The Greatest Mix” Luncheon will bring together generations that have often stood on separate sides of the table when it comes to hip-hop. For the first time in history, all parties have agreed to level the playing field and work together for the betterment of Black America.

“The Greatest Mix” Luncheon moderated by George Curry, editor-in-chief of NNPA News Service seeks to capture the essence of how the power of hip-hop and the power of the Black Press can improve circumstances in the areas of politics, economics and positive images in the media.

“Hip-hop often carries a stereotypical stigma of misogyny, violence and ignorance, which unfortunately sometimes is true. What gets lost is in translation is why people continue to gravitate and support the culture despite the downsides. This collaboration with the NNPA will connect the dots to the places that hip-hop does not explore because we do not have the guidance,” said Jineea Butler, president of the Hip-Hop Union whose hip-hop column is syndicated by the NNPA.

“This is an opportunity for us to learn from each other and build on our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses as a collective unit. We have represented the Black voice in America for over 187 years and we want to continue to magnify our mission and work more closely with the hip-hop community by featuring more articles and ads that speak directly to hip-hop citizens,” NNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell said.

“Joining forces is monumental on so many levels, as DJs our platform influences what the masses hear, as the Black Press they influence what the masses think. What better combination of forces to help move and influence the next generation of not only consumers but future leaders. I’m proud to be part of the template of this historic venture,” stated Manny “Maddog” Ayala, an original Core DJ.

“The Road to the Core” Song Submission Contest is one way in which the NNPA has begun to connect with the hip-hop community. “Knowing that so many young aspiring artists are seeking an outlet for their music and often can’t find one, we want to provide an arena where we are helping uplift the culture and expanding the opportunities,” Campbell said.

Hip-hop and R&B artists can still submit their music for the Road to the Core Song Submission Contest to be listened to and voted on by top Core DJ’s during the 10th Anniversary Conference May 2 through May 5. New submissions winners will be announced after the conference and winners will be chosen to perform at the next Core DJ Conference in August 2014.

Logon to http://www.hiphopunion.org for contest rules, prizes and details. To register for the Core DJs Worldwide 10th Anniversary Conference, go to http://www.coredjsworldwide.com. To find local NNPA newspapers, go to http://www.nnpa.org/about-us/nnpa-member-papers.