From Booker T. to Juilliard

Michael McGee | 5/9/2014, 8:37 p.m.
“From the time that she was really little, she’s always been theatrical,” explained Wade Crowder, the father of 17-year-old Alicia.
Alicia Crowder and her father, Wade, relax outside the Montgomery Arts Theater where Alicia has performed in the past. Mike McGee

Along with the Booker T. curriculum based in creativity, Alicia confirmed that she still had to keep her mind on her English, math, science, foreign language and social studies classes.

“A lot of late nights here, rehearsing,” was one obstacle that she dealt with along her academic path. “I’ve had to work really hard. Working on my grades, doing homework, keeping up with my studies, going to ACP tutoring, you know.” She described her social sacrifices as an investment in school in order to make it into an institution of such prestige as Juilliard.

The elder Crowder acknowledged that his daughter has done less theater in this last school year due to her preparing for her big move to the Big Apple.

“After she found out that she was getting accepted she pretty well cut back on doing plays. She has a lot of other things to work on – scholarships and applications, just all sorts of things,” he stated.

While he is excited about his daughter’s acceptance into Julliard for the fall semester, he also praised the hard work she’s done to get there in the first place.

“Our family has always been very goal-oriented,” he stated. “And Alicia has been extremely dedicated, to not only theater and drama, but also to her scholastics [and] academics.”

Alicia is looking forward to attending the same establishment of higher learning that produced such alumni as Viola Davis (The Help, Ender’s Game and Eat Pray Love), Wendell Pierce (The Wire, Treme, Ray Donovan and The Michael J. Fox Show) and double-Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey. She talked about her own theater aspirations, beyond Juilliard.

“Having a job, you know. Not full-time, but regularly – being able to be in shows continuously, just go from one show to the next, always working. That’s really my goal.”

The other seniors who were accepted are MyKal Stromile, for dance; Madison Hicks, for dance; Alysia Johnson, for dance; and Mason Manning, for dance.