Bowie given huge ‘Community’ welcome

DENISE JOHNSON STOVALL | 11/17/2014, 1:01 a.m. | Updated on 11/17/2014, 1:11 p.m.
“A star has risen on the spiritual horizon of our city in the person of Dr. Michael Bowie Jr.,” said ...
From left: Dr. Michael Bowie Jr., Police Chief David Brown, Rep. Helen Giddings for Texas Dist. 109, Councilmember Tennell Atkins and Fire Chief Louie Bright III. Richard Manson

The Dallas Examiner

“A star has risen on the spiritual horizon of our city in the person of Dr. Michael Bowie Jr.,” said Rep. Helen Giddings for Texas Dist. 109 during a gala reception to honor a new pastor in the city of Dallas.

At least 100 people gathered under the dome of the Dallas African American Museum in Fair Park on Oct. 30, to welcome Dr. Michael Bowie Jr. He is the newly appointed senior pastor of St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church.

“St. Luke has a very rich history in the community,” said Giddings, event co-chairman. “Over the years, you know, ‘Community’ has been in our [church’s] name. In fact, we say ‘We reach up to God and out into the community.’ We want to introduce our pastor to the community. So he can be truly involved in the community … if someone is to be a leader in the community, the person has an obligation and responsibility to the community.”

Greetings to Bowie were presented by: the Rev. Todd M. Atkins, senior pastor of Salem Institutional Baptist Church; Sen. Royce West for Texas Dist. 23; Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins; Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins; and Bishop Michael McKee of North Texas Annual Conference for the United Methodist Church.

At the reception Bowie was formally introduced by Eric V. Moye, presiding judge for the 14th judicial district court and co-chairman of the event. After a great round of applause, Bowie expressed his sincere appreciation to the guests for the program.

“It is great being here on this distinguished occasion,” he said. Bowie was accompanied by his wife, Jeannette. The couple has two teenage children, Lauren and Michael III “Trey.”

“When I was growing up my mother said, ‘You’re only as good as the company you keep.’ If that’s the case, if I keep the company of quality people like those in this room, I’m going to have a great time in North Texas.” Bowie said with a laugh.

“It is such an honor to see my mentor [pastor emeritus] the Rev. Zan Wesley Holmes. For decades St. Luke has been a premier church – not just in the Metroplex, but throughout the nation. St. Luke is known for prophetic preaching and servant people. It has cultivated and produced elected public officials, public servants and spiritual servant leaders. In other words, St. Luke gets it.

“We will continue to be advocates for marginalized people in the community. On behalf of St. Luke ‘Community’ United Methodist Church we’re great because of people like you. [In the book of] Micah 6-8, he said ‘What does the Lord require?’ St. Luke? It is such a privilege to serve as pastor.”

The host committee for the reception included Phyllis Lister Brown, Carolyn Davis, Joyce Foreman, Zan W. Holmes Jr., Thomas G. Jones, Ron Kirk, Commissioner John Wiley Price, Carla Ranger, Rosie Sorrells and Kevin Wiggins.

Bowie served for more than six years as the senior pastor of Love United Methodist Church in Houston. Under his leadership the congregation experienced tremendous growth from 50 persons to over 500 persons in attendance. During his tenure as pastor he also served as a church growth consultant with the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship School of congregational development based in Nashville.