On a high note: God made dirt and the dirt don’t hurt!

SHARMAN MARSHALL-BURKS | 2/16/2015, 9:18 a.m.
No fashion this month. We can do that next time. This month it’s food for the soul.
Sharman Marshall-Burks

No fashion this month. We can do that next time. This month it’s food for the soul. I heard something last week and I wanted to share it with you. I was listening to the song Dirt by Mary Mary. When the song comes on you hear children playing in the background and a sassy little girl saying, “God made dirt and the dirt don’t hurt.” It took me back to a time when I played in the sandbox or on the playground with other children.

When you play in dirt your clothes would get tattered and torn, you fall down and get dirty. As little children we would even taste the dirt. Not recommended, but as children we would put anything in our mouths. Remember? Okay, was I the only one? When one of us would get dirt thrown in our faces, we would run crying to our mama’s and they would say, “It’s just dirt, it don’t hurt.” They would just brush the dirt off and tell you it would be okay. More importantly you would get back up, dry your tears, and play some more.

We all have run crying about the dirt. The problems we incur in life. Whether it is that of heartbreak and divorce, an addiction in the family, problems with our children, sickness or financial issues. None of us are immune. Some of us can answer (D) all of the above. I can raise my hand to that. When we are going through things, they will look bleak while we are in it. The operative word being “through.” The word “through” means we have made it, in from one end and out the other … to go beyond.

My cousin and I went through a lot in our lives around the same time. We used to burn up the phone lines late at night and had a high phone bill to prove it. We would pray with each other and sometimes cry with each other. The one thing we knew is that we could not do this on our own. We knew we needed God’s help. So we prayed for strength. Well He gave us plenty. With each hurdle we cleared we became stronger and wiser. God is amazing that way. He was preparing us for other obstacles. Pretty soon we were saying, “Okay Lord, we are strong enough, you can stop now.”

When we think garden, we think of flowers and their amazing aromas, humming birds, peace and serenity. Very seldom do we think about the dirt that makes the garden grow or the weeds and thorns that lie there. Dirt is in our DNA. We cannot grow without it. All of our gardens (lives) have them. Sometimes our garden grows by the tears that fall. Tears cleanse us, relieves the pressure and allows for new opportunities to enter in.

So let’s weed out the person in your life that is making you miserable. Recognize this may not be the person for you, and realize God wants you to have better. Whatever God gives you in the way of finances, before He gives you more, you need to handle what you have more responsibly. Poor health issues and grief, through prayer will bring you closer to Him, provide comfort and perhaps physical healing. Foreclosure or repossession, God will provide a way.

Sunshine is not always in the forecast. When storms come and the winds blow, we have to brace ourselves and stand.

As for my cousin and I, we both have leaped over many obstacles since then. We did so by looking ahead and running toward the finish line. Knowing with his help we could make it through anything.

On a high note

The moon goes down and the sun comes up. Pain is not permanent. It heals gradually with time.

Now get up, dust yourself off, and get back in the game of living. Remember, the dirt don’t hurt.

If you want misery, look within; distracted, look around. If you want peace, look up! – Our Daily Bread

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