Two Steps, One Sticker kicks off in Texas

Special to The Dallas Examiner | 3/1/2015, 3:16 p.m.
Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, has teamed up with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the Texas Department of Public Safety ...
Sen. Royce West host a press conference to announce the Two Steps, One Sticker vehicle registration and inspection program for Texas, Feb. 3. The Dallas Examiner screenshot from DMV video

Special to The Dallas Examiner

Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, has teamed up with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to announce the launch of the state’s single sticker vehicle registration and inspection program. Beginning March 1, the inspection decal that is now one of two stickers displayed on motor vehicles operating in Texas will be discontinued. Automobile owners will have to show proof of a valid vehicle inspection to be able to register their vehicles.

“During the 2013 Legislative Session, I passed legislation that will move Texas toward a system where a single decal, the auto registration sticker, will be used to indicate that an automobile is registered and has passed inspection,” West said. “After a lengthy implementation period that required the TxDMV and the Department of Public Safety to redesign their respective computer systems, the new program is ready to go into effect next month. It is important that all Texas drivers know what to expect on March 1 and for the next year, as this single sticker program is implemented.”

Starting next month, drivers who have a valid vehicle inspection at the time of registration will be able to register their vehicles. Drivers whose inspection expires before they are required to register will still have to have their vehicles inspected, but will not receive an inspection sticker. Beginning March 1, vehicle inspection information will be transmitted electronically to the TxDMV. There will be a yearlong transition period to synchronize differences between the dates of expiration for vehicle inspection and vehicle registration. Starting March 1, 2016, drivers will have 90 days to have their automobiles inspected before the end of the month that their vehicle registration expires. A notice to automobile owners will be included in the automobile registration renewal notice.

“Another thing motorists should know is that the cost for having their vehicles inspected will not change, but the process will be different,” West said. “Drivers will pay inspection stations their portion of the inspection fee at the time their vehicles are tested. The state’s portion of the inspection fee will be added to the cost of automobile registration.”

The DPS and TxDMV have said that the single-sticker vehicle registration and inspection program will also eliminate problems associated with fraudulent and stolen inspection stickers. The program titled “Two Steps, One Sticker,” will also help address problems with air quality related to vehicle emissions, which are monitored by TCEQ. Motorists who have avoided having their cars inspected will now be compelled to do so as a condition of the registration process. The results of a passed or failed vehicle inspection will be sent to the DMV much like proof of automobile insurance is now disseminated between the agencies involved. A vehicle inspection report will be issued to automobile owners at the time of inspection. They should be retained by drivers as additional proof of a valid inspection.

For more information, visit http://www.twostepsonesticker.com.