Secrets of the wealthy: Ten ways to live like a millionaire

WILLIE JOLLEY | 11/9/2015, 3:58 a.m.
Born into poverty in Union City, New Jersey, Alan Weiss worked his way through college, hoping to create a life ...

(George Curry Media) – Born into poverty in Union City, New Jersey, Alan Weiss worked his way through college, hoping to create a life very different from his upbringing. He joined a consulting firm, but had a major setback when he was fired in 1985.

He vowed that would never happen again. He also decided to stop playing small and move from a “scarcity mentality” to an abundance mentality. He figured if others could live large, so could he.

Weiss is now a world-renowned, multi-million dollar consultant for Fortune 100 companies. He is also a highly regarded wealth-building expert. Weiss is a keynote speaker and best-selling author who has been inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame and is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the American Press Institute.

He has written 60 books, including the classic best seller, Million Dollar Consulting. The New York Post called Weiss “one of the most highly regarded independent consultants in America.”

How do you go from being a fired young consultant to a highly regarded millionaire consultant?

“You must feel you are a peer of your potential buyer,” Weiss said. “You must feel good about yourself. Shut the door to what was and start living in the mindset of what can be.”

A key strategy Weiss employs is learning to “think bigger” to build wealth. When solving a problem, people generally come up with options one and two. Weiss says we should stretch ourselves, and think of multiple options, then consider options four, five or six.

“Use positive psychology,” Weiss explained. We should position ourselves in our own minds. We should think about creating wealth as more than money. He thinks of two kinds of wealth: money and discretionary time. Money to live the life you want to live, and the discretionary time that you choose how you will spend it. He believes money and time are important. Make the decision on how you spend both, and never let someone else determine it for you.

It is important to be wealthy because money provides us with options. It allows us to invest in and help others in profound ways. But to be able to pour into others, we must have something to pour.

Weiss explains discretionary time as being wise with the one resource we can’t get more of – time. We must be selfish with how we use it. When we resolve to treat ourselves as honored guests, the quality of people attracted to us and the opportunities presented to us will improve. Our limited time is then put to better use.

Be very careful of unsolicited feedback. Take feedback only from people you respect. An abundance mentality is what we need to build in each of us.

If you want to buy something, ask yourself, how will I generate “new money” to pay for it? And keep people around you who support you – a coach, a mentor, a support group. We grow by building on our strengths, not by building on our weaknesses.