Dem Boyz are Back!

Season opener had fans on the edge of their seat

DIANE XAVIER | 9/19/2015, 10:16 a.m.
It was a wild finish for the Dallas Cowboys season opener against the New York Giants on Sunday. After trailing ...
Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden (20) gets past New York Giants linebacker Uani' Unga (47) during the first half of the NFL football game Sunday in Arlington. Michael Ainsworth

The Dallas Examiner

It was a wild finish for the Dallas Cowboys season opener against the New York Giants on Sunday. After trailing 20-26 to the Giants with 1:34 left in the fourth quarter, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo led his team to a comeback win by throwing an 11-yard touchdown reception to Cowboys tight end Jason Witten with only seven seconds left on the game clock.

The touchdown sealed the victory for the Cowboys as they defeated the Giants 27-26.

The Giants, up by three points with 5:04 to go, failed to extend the lead to 10 points despite driving down the field and having an opportunity to score a touchdown at the one yard line. Giants running back Rashad Jennings failed to get in the end zone on the first and second down. On the third down, Giants quarterback Eli Manning had an incomplete pass and the Giants were then forced to kick a field goal, only giving them a six point lead and also giving the Cowboys plenty of time on the clock to make a comeback.

“To have the will to come back and win the game with some of our key players was very special,” said Jerry Jones, Cowboys general manager. “It just seemed like we couldn’t make enough mistakes to lose the game. It was the kind of win that will build the team even though we have a lot to work on.”

Despite the fact that the Cowboys controlled the clock and time of possession throughout the game with 37:10 compared to New York’s 22:50, it was turnovers that almost cost the Cowboys the game. The Cowboys offense committed three turnovers, including two interceptions by Romo.

“I thought it was a big win for us. We had many of the things that we try to emphasize with our team on a daily basis showed up in this game – the relentless spirit, the mental toughness, dealing with adversity and just continuing to play,” said Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett. “It showed up in all three phases. The defense made some critical stops when we needed them to. Obviously the offense did an unbelievable job at the end of the game going down there and scoring the points we needed to. Everybody had a part of it. It was far from a perfect game from our standpoint, we made some critical mistakes in the early part of the ballgame in our own territory. We made a couple later in the game in our own territory. We gave them a lot of points – 17 points in the game as a result of turnovers. And it was hard to dig out of that hole but our guys did a great job battling.”

The win gave Romo his 24th come-from-behind victory. The Cowboys also produced a total of 436 yards offensively.

“Romo was fantastic tonight,” Garrett said. “He has great poise. He has a great understanding about what he wants to do. His patience was outstanding. Getting a couple of throws early to Lance Dunbar to get the drive started, but again his command is outstanding. The defense gets on their heels and he does a really good job just making the play, making the play, making the play, not making the bad play and obviously cashing in at the end. The big throw to [Jason] Witten, the touch was unbelievable. Tremendous amount of confidence in that huddle, and a lot of it comes from the confidence the quarterback projects to the team. Everybody responded the right way. Obviously a big win for us.”