Girls Rule the World: Entrepreneur helps Black girls harness success

DENISHA MCKNIGHT | 12/19/2016, 5:34 p.m.
Young Black girls enrolled in public schools are six times more likely to be suspended from school compared to their ...
Mentors and mentees at the CURLS Girls Rule the World. – Photo by Janelle Sands Janelle Sands

“Seeing all those things could have definitely held me captive, [but] I changed and conquered my mindset,” she said.

The young attendees were able to speak to Dellinger and other mentors personally and directly as they dissected how each businesswoman captured the same powerful mindset.

“I had a young lady tell me that someone told her you can’t make money in the hair industry,” said Shammah Kinchen, CEO of Solutions by Shammah and AdornME hair products, regarding a mentee who’s passionate about being a cosmetologist. “I was very happy to let her know that that was inaccurate.”

The mentors also helped their prodigies establish a presentable social media presence and clear career pathways, and they created personal bonds with each girl as well.

“The event was very informative,” said Minya Powell, Dallas Can senior and owner of two small local dance companies in her area. “I was able to talk to women of color who own businesses about my businesses.”

Dellinger said she hopes that the girls understand and realize the power they have over their future and to use their power to take themselves far beyond what statistics and stereotypes say their futures should be.

“Given my background, I knew that having information, resources and access to support young girls of color allowed me to have an impact on those girls before they enter high school,” she said. “I wanted to let them know that they can shape their future into whatever they want instead of letting it be decided for them.”