Monday Night Politics: Political forums kick off with candidates for County Commissioners

DIANE XAVIER | 2/12/2016, 4:16 p.m.
It was a heated forum as the candidates for Dallas County Commissioners Court District 3 took the stage at Monday ...
Candidate for Dallas County Commissioners Court District 3 from left: Incumbent John Wiley Price speaks during Monday Night Politcs: Meet the Candidates, Feb. 1. Seated are: Micah B. Phillips, Cedric Davis and Dwaine Caraway. Candice Quarels

The Dallas Examiner

It was a heated forum as the candidates for Dallas County Commissioners Court District 3 took the stage at Monday Night Politics: Meet the Candidates presented by The Dallas Examiner. Ed Gray of The Commish Radio Show moderated the forum. Held on Feb. 1 at the African American Museum in Fair Park, it kicked off a series of political forums for the March 2016 Primary Elections on March 1.

The night was scheduled to begin with District 1 of the Dallas County Commissioners Court with Dr. Theresa Daniel informing the audience of her decision to run again. But due to delays, District 3 candidates went on stage first.

District 3 candidates included incumbent John Wiley Price, Dwaine Caraway, Micah B. Phillips and Cedric Davis.

The role of the Commissioners Court includes setting the county tax rate, adopting a budget, appointing boards and commissions, approving grants and personnel actions, and overseeing the administration of county government. The office is also responsible for approving the budget and setting the tax rate for the hospital district.

Price has held the position for over 30 years.

“Dallas County is the second largest county in the state of Texas and the ninth largest county in these United States,” Price said. “As the ranking member of the Dallas County Commissioners Court, there are 15 standing committees and I chair eight of them. When you look and see how the policies of Dallas County are run, you will see that I am a forefront of that, whether you are talking about operating the jail from the compliance standards, operating public health, all those committees are ones that I chair. I believe Dallas County is in the unique position because we have great policies and leadership and I have been the head of that particular leadership.”

Phillips said he was honored and humbled to be able to represent the citizens as a choice in this race.

“This includes a choice to be included or a choice to be excluded,” he said. “A choice to be heard or a choice to be muted. A choice for economic empowerment or a choice for economic injustice. It is time that we have someone in office that is going to buy us in and not buy us out. When I look at our community and look at the higher tax rate to the southern part of Dallas compared to the rest of Dallas, we have a problem and that problem is economic injustice. When we are voted out of the Inland Port, that would of changed our economic status for generations to come. It is time for someone that gets in the commissioners seat that speaks for the people. We have a problem because when you look north, it looks like they are living on high cotton and in the southern part, it looks like we are living in the plantation. We have not been represented properly.”

Phillips is a developer and talked about what he has done to help Dallas.