Black children are targeted by CPS

RUSSELL FISH | 10/31/2016, 6:17 p.m.
I was recently shot twice in the back by a police officer. I was an unarmed “student” trapped in a ...
Russell Fish

Special to The Dallas Examiner

I was recently shot twice in the back by a police officer. I was an unarmed “student” trapped in a classroom with a crazy man. The officer who shot me was looking for the crazed shooter but got me by accident with hard plastic simunitions.

It was all part of multi-department full-speed active shooter practice. When trained for the other side, I accidentally “killed” a hostage and later was “killed” because I hesitated to shoot a man beating a woman with a pipe.

Being shot in the back is no fun, but being a police officer is a lot harder than it looks on television. Staying alive as a young Black male is also pretty difficult, which brings us to Keith McGuire.

As of this writing, McGuire is sitting in Lew Sterrett in lieu of $25,000 bond for first-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In his 30 years, he has never been in jail and never been arrested, yet he is facing 5 to 99 years in prison.

His crime was training his young son to live to adulthood. He paddled his 4-year-old for disobeying. Keith knows that parents are the first and most important teachers of obedience and that the need for obedience accompanies us through life.

Chris Rock explained one aspect in his skit, How Not to Get Your A-- Kicked by the Police.

Among several hints were, “Obey the law.” Obedience to authority is a requirement for success in life. We have to be obedient to teachers, employers, law enforcement and of course to Jesus Christ. Obedience should not be blind, but it is the starting point for behavior.

Since McGuire’s son is Black, at some point in his life he may be commanded to, “Show me your hands.” “Keep your hands on the wheel.” “Do not approach me.” “Drop your weapon.” Disobeying these commands will possibly cost him his life, and McGuire wants his son to live.

The boy was playing outside and picked up candy off the street. His dad said, “Put it down,” The boy popped it in his mouth and was promptly spanked. For normal people, this is being a good daddy. In fact, decades ago, the Texas Legislature passed a law protecting exactly this kind of parenting. You can find it under Texas Penal Code 9.61.

Unfortunately, lawlessness has infected some Texas bureaucracies. The most culpable agency appears to be the scandal-plagued Child Protective Services. CPS is the largest employer of social workers in Texas but is mostly known for a series of faked and fabricated claims that have resulted in injured and murdered children. However, they are skilled media promoters and have a ready source of heartbreaking stories every two years, just in time to hit the legislature for more taxpayer money.

CPS was founded with the best of intentions – protect children. Unfortunately, history has shown they failed to see danger where it existed and perceived danger where there was none. They are also perversely incentivized by state funding to find successively more children needing their “services.”