The US: A new unrecognizable, traumatized nation under God

SUSAN K. SMITH | 7/24/2017, 1:57 a.m.
We are a traumatized nation, under God.

Crazy Faith Ministries

We are a traumatized nation, under God.

Ever since the election of the new president, this country has been reeling from this man and his antics. His choice of cabinet members, including Sen. Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General, Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services and Gov. Rick Perry as Energy Secretary, threatens to undo the work that has been done to insure justice for “the American people” for the past 50 years.

Even as the Republican-led Senate and House of Representatives play with the lives of literally millions of people as they wrestle with the particulars of how to undo the Affordable Care Act, people, insurance companies and hospitals are sitting in bastions of uncertainty, not quite knowing what to expect next.

There is no clarity, no clear direction, in what this administration is doing. Foreign countries are laughing at us, even as this administration antagonizes our allies. People wonder what will happen to the United States if there is a war – which seems highly likely – because this president has alienated the very people we will need for help and support should war break out.

Legal immigrants are worried, as are full-blooded American citizens with Muslim names, because this administration is hostile to non-White people. There is little to no thought about what happens as Immigration breaks up families just because it can. There has been a rise in hate crimes throughout the country, but this administration seems not to care. In fact, the only time the president is concerned is if there has been an act of foreign terrorism; he doesn’t care about domestic terrorism at all.

The president promised jobs, but there has not been the swell in employment that he promised. In fact, many of his base, who believed him when he said he would bring back coal jobs, are getting nervous as they realize those jobs are not coming back.

We are traumatized because this president seems to be intent on destroying democracy as we have always known it. Even with its flaws and issues, this country had freedoms that were guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, but the attack on the press only grows with the accusation that what is being reported is “fake news.” It feels like we are rolling toward being an authoritarian state – with the full support of the Senate, the Congress and an estimated 34 percent of the country, which is the president’s base.

It is traumatizing because our system of checks and balances was supposed to prevent this. It is traumatizing because we were led to believe that the the Senate and House of Representatives, regardless of political party, loved America first, but these lawmakers seem to love only the idea of undoing everything former President Barack Obama did and helping the rich become richer. Their silence is absolutely daunting as the new president seems to violate the Constitution and its principles at every step of the way. This president alienates us from our allies and gets chummy with the president of our long-standing enemy – Russia – and seems not to care that that country raged a cyber war against us, and the senators and members of the House do and say little to nothing.