Stubbornness of racism, God notwithstanding

SUSAN K. SMITH | 2/12/2018, 7:57 a.m.
It would seem that with so many people – Black, White and Brown – claiming to be Christian and to ...

The recent attention given to Recy Taylor, the Black woman who was raped by six White men who never went to prison for what they did has caused interest into how Black women have been violated by White men over time. These men were considered to be “good, Christian people.” And yet, their actions were vile and vicious, and did not raise a bevy of White Christians to stand up and demand they pay for their crime.

It is a fact that racial prejudice is not only a part of American life but is part of a worldwide hatred and distain of people of color. God is present; oppressed and oppressor say they worship that God, but the fact is, the biological dispensation to be racist has caused cultural Christianity to have a larger voice in the sphere of racism than biblical Christianity.

In spite of what appears to any person of color what to us are clearly racist policies, those in the White House and in Washington, DC would object vehemently – and do, in fact object – to being called racist. It is profoundly frustrating primarily we believe that because of God, such racism should not be tolerated.

The fact that the god of the oppressor remains silent causes the faith of some, like Cone said, to be torn to pieces. Instead of acquiescing to feelings of despair, however, perhaps it is time for there to be more concerted effort to meld Christian doctrine with historical reality in order to bring to light the contradiction between claiming to love God while at the same time, hating so many that God created.

Rev. Dr. Susan K Smith is a preacher, writer and teacher who conducts workshops on the inability of the Bible and US Constitution to end racism. For information, reach her at revsuekim@sbclobal.net.