Evidence of two Gods: the Father, the oppressors’ god

SUSAN K. SMITH | 7/30/2018, 6:34 p.m.
When I talk with a group of God-fearing Christians, Black or White, there is always a hush that comes over ...

Crazy Faith Ministries

When I talk with a group of God-fearing Christians, Black or White, there is always a hush that comes over the room when I suggest that we are not a monotheistic nation at all, but have at least two gods.

The words are jarring to a people who claim one God – the God who is the parent of Jesus the Christ. Black and White believers – oppressed and oppressors – call on and claim the same God and read the same Bible.

But the god of the oppressors is clearly different from the God of the oppressed. The god of the oppressors is one who seemingly is OK with racism and the horrific treatment of Black people by a system of white supremacy. The god of the oppressors sees nothing wrong with a “believer” going out on a Saturday night and lynching a Black person – just because they can – and then showing up for church on Sunday morning in a three-piece suit, ready to either take ot help distribute Holy Communion.

The god of the oppressor is the one, say supporters of the current president, who sent this man to lead this country. This man is Biblical, they say, in the same way as was Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king read about in the Hebrew scriptures, who led the assault on Jerusalem which resulted in its destruction in 589 BC. Trump, they have said, has been sent to “make America right again.”

“Right” for the oppressors’ means that white supremacy rules. White supremacy, some say, is a theology that upholds racism as the will of God. Their god ordained and sanctioned racism, they believe, because Ham, the son of Noah, was cursed after seeing his father naked. Although the scriptures say that it was Noah who cursed Canaan, those who use this scripture as the divine sanction of racism say that God cursed Canaan – meaning people of African descent. That being the case, they argue, it would be going against the will of God to oppose racism. It is God’s will, they believe, that the world – or at least these United States – be White.

The god of the oppressed, however, is the god of mercy and justice, the god who led the Israelites out of the land of Egypt, where they were oppressed. God saw and God had mercy, the oppressed believe. They read the Bible with eyes that recognize the types of oppression described in its pages. The Bible was written under or during six different periods of oppression: Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Roman. The oppressed see the hand of God interfering in the acts of oppression meted out against the poor, the downtrodden, women, children and the infirm. The god of the oppressed desires that “the least of these” be treated as they are – as equally deserving of God as are the oppressor.

Jesus the Christ, believe the oppressed, was and is on the side of justice. It was Jesus who reminded would-be Christians of the Shema – that command in the Hebrew scriptures that say we all are to love the One God of us all (Deut. 6). They believe that because Jesus himself says in the Gospel of Matthew that the command to love the Lord God with all one’s soul, might and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves is “the greatest commandment.”