Fourteen-year-old girl distressed after dating adult posing as teen boy

ROBYN H. JIMENEZ | 6/11/2018, 8:17 p.m.
Still shaken from recently finding out that her high school boyfriend was actually an adult posing as a teenager, the ...
Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley, 25, who posed as 17-year-old Rashun Robinson. Twitter page

The Dallas Examiner

Still shaken from recently finding out that her high school boyfriend was actually an adult posing as a teenager, the 14-year-old Angel struggled to find her words.

“I’m … you know … I’m dealing with it,” she expressed. “It’s frustrating because it’s like something that doesn’t happen. Well, I’ve never seen it happen. So, it was kind of weird and scary. I’m just going through it the best I can.”

She said her family has been very supportive, especially her mother.

Due to her age, Angel and her mother, Mia, have been given pseudonyms.

At such a young age, Angel was still not allowed to date, according to her mother, who had no idea she had been involved with Rashaun Sidney Robinson since the beginning of the year. After Mia learned about Angel’s boyfriend, she insisted on talking to him. Mia still didn’t like the idea of her daughter dating someone three years older, but she said Angel was charmed by the star basketball student. She also continued talking to her daughter about dating, values and what to look for in a man.

However, Mia realized the situation was worse than she imagined when detectives arrived at her workplace May 14, identifying 17-year-old Robinson as 25-year-old Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley. She and the detectives met Angel at Hillcrest High School, where Angel and her boyfriend were enrolled. They showed Angel a Facebook page of Gilstrap-Portley with photograph of him, his girlfriend whom he lived with, and their baby.

“She recognized the girlfriend because she would come to the school, pretending to be his sister. And she recognized the baby as well because she would bring the baby to school, saying that was his nephew.”

Gilstrap-Portley was arrested earlier this month on charges of tampering with government documents and bonded out May 15. He is also being investigated for dating a minor, which could lead to charges ranging from improper relationship with a minor to statutory rape.

As the investigation began to unravel, Angel confessed that she and Gilstrap-Portley had kissed and fondled each other. Her mother arranged for her to receive a full physical evaluation.

“We took her to the physician just to make sure she was OK. We tested her for STDs to see if there was anything sexual, but you really can’t tell if they had sex or not,” Mia revealed. “We’re still filing sexual assault, based on the detectives it is still a felony because they did touch private parts… he touched her, she touched him, but there was no actual physical sex.”

The mother further explained that the described behavior might be normal for most teenagers. But it becomes a different situation when one of the teens is actually an adult.

“She had no idea he was 25. He deceived her,” she continued. “Deception is major in this because it can be impactful for her later in life, as she grows and begins to date and that is more of the biggest piece that we struggle with mentally, how she begins to understand this and how she grows with this.”