Scuffles over Second Amendment reveal immature thinking

SUSAN K. SMITH | 3/5/2018, 1:20 p.m.
Every time there is a mass shooting, the arguments about the Second Amendment come roiling back into the American conversation, ...

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Every time there is a mass shooting, the arguments about the Second Amendment come roiling back into the American conversation, revealing a deep immaturity and a petulance among Second Amendment supporters that is hard to understand.

No politician has said that there is a desire to take everyone’s guns away. The complaint is against the use of a military weapon in this country as a matter of course; the AR-15 is a weapon used in war, meant to be used to kill a mortal enemy. It is understandable that gun owners want to hold on to their firearms – both for sport and for protection.

Nobody is against that.

It is the semi and fully automatic weapons, which are the issue. The bullets from these weapons do irreparable damage to their victims; a horrid death is usually the outcome. A doctor treating victims from the Florida school shooting described the wounds he saw after that fateful day; victims’ organs are shred to pieces, making it impossible to repair them. Death is the outcome.

The smaller bullet used in an AR-15 causes maximum damage; the weapon was created for combat to replace the M-16, which proved to be ineffective during the Vietnam War. In combat, using such a lethal weapon – the AR-15 – makes sense.

But we are not in a war. This is a violent society and always has been, but the fact is, the people who are using AR-15s are not fighting enemies. They are killing innocent, unarmed people en masse.

The freedoms in our Constitution are precious to us all, but this spoiled brat mentality around guns is puzzling and frustrating. People who say they are “pro-life” have no qualms, no issues, about such a lethal weapon being used in America, killing hundreds of people. They whine about their fear of their guns being taken away, refusing to acknowledge that nobody wants to take all of their guns away – just the AR-15 and other combat-type weapons.

Our Constitution gives people the right to bear arms, but it does not give people the right to commit mass murder or to kill innocent, unarmed people. That is a crime and it belies a hypocrisy about what many gun owners proclaim to believe about the sanctity of life.

People kill people, they say, not guns … but it is people with guns who are causing the tragedies we are experiencing. If the combat weapons were outlawed there would still be mass shootings, I am sure, but the damage and the death that would result would be far less.

The issue of gun control has become a bellwether on the issue of maturity amongst many. It is appalling that those who love guns have adopted a rather immature stance, saying, in essence that if they cannot have their way, regardless of how dangerous these assault weapons are to others, then it’s a signal that “the other side” wants to “take our guns away.” The behavior is that of a toddler, who, if he or she cannot have everything they’ve demanded, they take their marbles and go home.