Mini strokes can be a warning: a stroke may follow

GLENN ELLIS | 3/12/2018, 11:39 a.m.
Every two seconds someone has a stroke, and one in six people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. Stroke ...
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Depression, cognitive impairment, impaired motor function and balance, and visual and communication problems have all been reported as long-term outcomes of stroke. Around one-third of people who survive are left with a permanent disability.

Make no mistake: A stroke is a medical emergency. When a stroke happens, blood flow to the brain stops. Within minutes, brain cells begin to die.

Symptoms that come on suddenly and without warning could signify a stroke. The term “FAST” is an abbreviation to help in recognizing common stroke symptoms.


F for Face: If you notice a droop or uneven smile on a person’s face, this is a warning sign.

A for Arms: Ask the person to raise their arms. It’s a warning sign if the arm drops down or isn’t steady.

S for Speech: Ask the person to repeat something. Slurred speech can indicate that the person is having a stroke.

T for Time: Act fast if someone is experiencing stroke symptoms. Call 911.

Since it doesn’t cause permanent damage, it might seem like no big deal. But ignoring a mini stroke is a big mistake. The important message is, if you have sudden onset of weakness or speech disturbance seek urgent medical attention even if the symptoms improve quickly.

Remember, I’m not a doctor. I just sound like one.

Take good care of yourself and live the best life possible!


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