Why the sexually assaulted keep quiet

SUSAN K. SMITH | 10/1/2018, 2:18 p.m.
The president of this nation went on the attack against Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused U.S. ...

Women in general have been dehumanized and Black women even more so. Black women were known in these United States as “brood-sow” or “sucklers,” or as a “work-ox.”

While all Black people were seen as property by the white supremacists, Black women were dehumanized both racially and sexually. While White men lynched Black men for what White men believed to be their desire to rape White women, White men were in fact raping Black women.

The debacle going on in Washington and in this nation around the Kavanaugh nomination shows that we have not come very far.

The sexists are raising irritated voices over Ford’s claims, and the president is showing his ignorance and arrogance about how sexual assault works. Women do not tell what they have been through because they do not want to be blamed for what happened to them, and it’s worth repeating that males sexually assaulted by other men stay silent for the same reason.

It is probably that Kavanaugh will be confirmed to sit on the nation’s highest court, just as Clarence Thomas was in spite of being accused of sexual misbehavior by Anita Hill.

Men still believe that they have the right to flaunt themselves around; they do so knowing they will most likely not be held accountable.

A final thought: the religious Right has been deeply disappointing. The Rev. Franklin Graham said in a recent statement that attempted rape is not a crime. It was a daunting statement, even for a privileged White man. The evangelical White pastors coming to the defense of this president are showing both their racism and sexism. In the name of God, they are supporting behavior that is damaging to God’s children.

It is not surprising that some women are standing up for Kavanaugh. Their complicity in sexist behavior is as disturbing as it is when Black people support known racists. It is clear that too many of the oppressed accept having been dehumanized. They support the oppressor; they are like the Israelites, who, having been led out of slavery, wanted to go back to being enslaved. It was familiar, and it was easier to exist as slaves than to begin new lives as freed souls.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. The Kavanaugh debacle says more than meets the eye, and that is truly troubling.

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