Can America’s Democracy be saved?

Susan Smith | 4/14/2019, 11:09 p.m.
In watching the antics, practices and actions of the current administration, it is apparent that American democracy is under attack.

Crazy Faith Ministries

In watching the antics, practices and actions of the current administration, it is apparent that American democracy is under attack.

Just last week, in venting frustration about immigrants coming across the southern border of the United States, the president said that the country needs to get rid of its judges, as reported by The Washington Post. It has been one of the benchmarks of this administration that the president has made unilateral decisions via Twitter, letting the Congress, the American people and the world know at the same time what “he” wants to do, as noted by NYMAG.com.

This president demands loyalty, as has been the practice of autocratic leaders throughout history; he has put into key positions people who are loyal to him and not to the country, and in the United States senate, Mitch McConnell serves as the leader not of democratic principles and practices, but rather as a partisan whose only agenda is to make this country lean as far right as it can, as noted by Politico.

The Democrats are trying to exercise and practice congressional oversight, but because the Senate is still controlled by the Republicans, they are getting less traction than they might have. And even if they were to achieve some of their goals, anything that is distasteful to his president would most likely go to the US Supreme Court, which now has two Trump appointees who would most certainly write opinions that would honor his beliefs, not the needs of the people.

And then there is the church. Evangelicals have thrown support to this president, seemingly abandoning Christian principles that including taking care of “the least of these.” The Christian left is trying to interject its voice in all that is going on, but that voice is largely ignored as it has been for years. Evangelicals placed themselves in the center of all and anything religious years back, touting its self-proclaimed moral superiority which has historically supported racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia, for starters.

With federal lawmakers acting as perfect sycophants and lackeys, with a Senate which is hell-bent on being loyal to the president and to the cause of making America “right” again, and with religions which support the notion of governing the masses and not just upholding justice and fairness for a few, I wonder if this democracy can be saved. Add to the list of concerns is this president’s attacks on the press, calling it the “enemy of the people,” all the while supporting Fox News, which some believe is already state television, and the concern grows.

In the book, How Democracies Die, authors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Zieblatt write that too many Americans are in denial of what is going on. They write, “Our Constitution, our national creed of freedom and equality, our historically robust middle class, our high levels of wealth and education, and our large, diversified private sectors – all these should inoculate us from the kind of democratic breakdown that has occurred elsewhere … We sorry. American politicians now treat their rivals, as enemies, intimidate the free press, and threaten to reject the results of elections.” And that’s just for starters.