‘The report’ is out: Now it is time to refocus

SUSAN K. SMITH | 4/28/2019, noon
The long-awaited Mueller report is out. The scope of the charges and findings against the president and his administration have ...

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The long-awaited Mueller report is out. The scope of the charges and findings against the president and his administration have been at least partially revealed, and the Congress is threatening to subpoena the full, unredacted report.

Trump supporters are spewing expected venomous statements about the apparent sainthood of this president, and the president himself has taken to his beloved Twitter to continue to communicate his ever-enlarging self-delusions about the “rightness” of all he has done.

If people listen to it and internalize it, they will fall into the grip of fury – either as a Trump-lover, convinced that he has been the victim of a witch hunt for over two years, or as a person who believes that what Trump has done on a daily basis, inflaming the passions of everyone, has been wrong and dangerous to the very survival of this democracy.

This president is a media guru. He knows how he operates and how he has always operated. He has been able to walk in his privilege as a wealthy White man and has manipulated “the system,” if reports are true, ever since he has been a businessman.

He is a master at “stirring the pot.” We have all seen people do it and we have all been affected by it, but in this instance, we would do well not to continue to allow ourselves to be caught up in it. It is not clear if the Congress will impeach this president or what good it would do, but one thing is clear: “We the people” have to stay focused on the issues.

We have to pay attention to what he is doing behind the scenes while he makes a mess in front of the cameras. He is rolling roughshod over the rights of “the least of these” and has no intention of stopping. The only weapon we have is the vote.

The GOP and the far right are on a mission – a mission that is said to have started with the Southern Strategy, as explained on Ask Steve at History.com. Lawmakers in Tennessee are on their way to passing a law that will make it more difficult to register voters, according to The New York Times. The GOP is determined to complete its mission of converting America from being progressive to being a nation that espouses and supports far-right policy.

As has been the case historically, they are touting that what is happening is from God and of God. Michele Bachmann recently said that the current president is one of the most, if not the most, godly presidents this nation has ever had, as noted on CNN.com. The far right has been pushing for a while that God appointed this president, as explained by an article on Politico.com, and Lou Dobbs repeated this belief that the presidency of Trump is God-given after slamming the Mueller report on Indy100.com.

With that kind of rhetoric swirling around, and that kind of intentional effort to make sure non-GOP voters are made unable to vote, we do not have the time to sit around and wait for the next soap opera installment of the Trump presidency. We do not have time to wring our hands or sit stewing in frustration and anger.