Roland Parrish honored at City Hall

DIANE XAVIER | 6/16/2019, noon
It was a standing room-only crowd that cheered and greeted Dallas businessman and philanthropist Roland Parrish as he entered the ...
Parrish’s McDonald’s team presented him with a shadow box that included the saw Parrish’s grandfather used back in the 1920s for his construction business and a McDonald’s spatula with the logo in honor of his 30 years of service. DIANE XAVIER

Parrish was also happy to see members of his team at the event.

“Around 30 employees came, and it is because of them that I have been successful,” Parrish said.

Jade Parrish, daughter of Roland, said her dad has been an inspiration and a role model.

“It is really exciting just to be able to see the people here, not only that came here but to celebrate him and also show support,” Jade said.”It means a great deal, but also I am excited because it always has been a team effort, and it has always been about family. My whole life, I know he has always been a very disciplined person, and along the way I’ve seen a lot of people he has impacted. He cares about the community and always puts God first.”

LaSheryl Walker, director of community outreach for St. Philip’s School and Community Center, said she had to show her support for Parrish since he gave back so much to St. Philip’s.

“He has donated bikes to our students during the Christmas store, as well as donating bikes to individual kids,” Walker said. “The fact that he is able to donate these bikes to the kids and to get them outside moving around makes my soul happy. I wanted to show my appreciation for what he has done for St. Philip’s School and Community.”

So, what are Parrish’s keys to success?

“When I get up every morning, it’s not that I’m going to do anything that is great, but what I try to do is try to be consistent and try to be successful and try to help people and do positive things every day,” he said.”