Municipal election results for mayor, Dallas City Council and Dallas ISD trustees

Matthew Hirst | 5/12/2019, 10:24 a.m. | Updated on 7/9/2019, 10:32 a.m.
On Saturday, Dallas voters decided which candidates will represent the city of Dallas as mayor, as well as Dallas City ...
Councilman Scott Griggs and State Rep. Eric Johnson YouTube / Official photo

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On Saturday, Dallas voters decided which candidates will represent the city of Dallas as mayor, as well as Dallas City Council members for Districts 1 thru 14 and Dallas ISD Board of Trustees for Districts 4, 5 and 7.

With more than 70 candidates filing before the Feb. 15 deadline and some nine candidates remaining in the mix for mayor – for which incumbent Mike Rawlings was ineligible due to term limits – this municipal election was one of the most competitive in recent years, as Dallas’ new–age, progressive politics work to oust the city’s old guard.

Candidates with the highest number of votes – those who received 50% or more – will take office at the beginning of the next term. Candidates with fewer than 50% will participate in the runoff election June 8.

At the end of the day, state Rep. Eric Johnson and District 1 Councilman Scott Griggs finished ahead of the mayoral field with 16,374 (20.3%) and 14,901 (18.5%) votes, respectively, to push a runoff election.

Election results are as follows, with projected winners according to Dallas County Elections as of print deadline:

Note: X denotes candidates who have won their seat.

– An asterisk* denotes incumbents.

Dallas Mayor

This election is for the 60th elected mayor of Dallas. Mike Rawlings is currently serving as mayor, and is ineligible for reelection as he has occupied the position for two straight terms, since his election in 2011 as the 59th elected mayor of Dallas.

With that, a field of nine candidates were still in the mix come May 4 – leftovers of the total 13 candidates still in the race as of February this year.

This election forced a magnifying glass upon some of Dallas’ biggest issues – housing, employment, economic development, governmental transparency, and justice overall for South Dallas – and how the city can best work to solve them.

Candidates – Votes – Percent

Eric Johnson – 16,374 – 20.31%

Scott Griggs – 14,901 – 18.48%

Lynn McBee – 11,309 – 14.03%

Mike Ablon – 10,859 – 13.47%

Miguel Solis – 8,640 – 10.72%

Regina Montoya – 8,428 – 10.45%

Jason Villalba – 5,440 – 6.75%

Albert Black – 4,205 – 5.22%

Alyson Kennedy – 469 – 0.58%

Dallas City Council

This election will decide the Dallas City Council representatives for each of Dallas’ 14 unique districts, for which each district gets one representative. That said, each district presents an array of different, unique needs that each council member must familiarize themselves with, not only by their knowledge and experience, but also by taking time to understand the needs of their district constituents.

District 1

Candidates – Votes – Percent

X Chad West – 3,250 – 54.54%

Giovanni ‘Gio’ Valderas – 2,067 – 34.69%

Sylvana Alonzo – 535 – 8.98%

Jeremy T. Boss – 107 – 1.80%

District 2

Candidates – Votes – Percent

X Adam Medrano* – 2,455 – 76.38%

Barbara Coombs – 532 – 16.55%

Paul A. Freeman – 227 – 7.06%