How Americans handle the phenomenon of Donald Trump

SUSAN K. SMITH | 5/19/2019, noon
It has been said that the reason he is president is not because of who voted for him, but because ...

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It has been said that the reason he is president is not because of who voted for him, but because of those who did not vote.

I remember hearing people on “the left” say they would not vote because their candidate, Bernie Sanders, had not gotten the Democratic nomination, and I heard others say that they would vote for Sanders or not at all because they just did not like Hillary Clinton.

One of my friends shared his painful reality that his brother was in prison because of the Clinton- era “three strikes and you’re out” provision in his 1994 crime law, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. And there were clips on YouTube of Clinton having called Black youth “super predators.” These children, she said, had “no conscience, no empathy.” Black people did not forget, nor should we have.

But this upcoming election seems different. Every person should vote in this country, for it is the bedrock of our democracy. Other nations have modeled their democracies after ours, striving for “one man, one vote.”

Given that the right to vote is the central feature of a democracy, and for African Americans, given the fact that people demonstrated and died so that Black people could vote, it seems to be a travesty of our very history that some Black people choose not to vote.

The effort to suppress and deny Black people the right to vote is only increasing because “the other side” sees the power of the Black vote that it always feared. They are working through their state legislatures to make laws that amount to modern-day poll taxes or worse. We have worked too hard to not go to the polls.

But we cannot just go to the polls. We have to vote a new president in – but most importantly, we need to vote the current president out if we are disturbed, bothered and frightened by what is going on.

This president is a walking example of “powers and principalities in high places.” His racism, his sexism, xenophobia and disregard for the oath he took to preserve and protect the Constitution should alarm everyone. We are never quite sure from one day to the next what he will do on impulse, who he will insult, including important allies, or what decision he will make that will cause masses of Americans to suffer.

His words are his weapon. He is a media guru and knows how to manipulate the media, which he has done very well.

He is so absolutely narcissistic that some have called into question his mental state. His mental state, however, is not the issue – protecting our country and its citizens is.

He is running roughshod over the House; he is ignoring the constitutional dictate that in this country there are separation of powers; he is using the U.S. Justice Department and the attorney general as his own tool with which to protect himself from his own shortcomings.

He is stoking the hatred and fear of his base; he has raised concern that, should he lose the 2020 election, he will prompt his followers to become violent, according to Leonard Pitts Jr. in a commentary in the Miami Herald.