Five super tips on how to succeed in 2017

African Americans make up less than 5 percent of the lawyers in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Building confidence in entrepreneurs

Aside from the usual business planning and content creating, most businesses would not be here today if entrepreneurs were without one significant quality – confidence.

Business of beauty: Black-owned beauty suppliers form alliance with Chinese-Korean suppliers

About 63 percent of Black women spend up to $240 annually on hair and styling tools over a six-month period, according to Mintel reports. Moreover, 10 percent of Black women spend over $250 annually on these products, with 51 percent ...

Franchise Expo South offers opportunity to own a piece of the pie

Franchising has always been associated with the entrepreneurial spirit. As a major job creator, it has been able to provide opportunities for its owners, members of the community.

Be The Answer – part II: The AVP ‘Fierce’ formula for entrepreneurs

For numerous aspiring businesswomen, starting a business may be intimidating – especially for those who aren’t sure where to start and how to make it profitable. But what many of them don’t realize is that the answers they are looking ...

Solutions for successfully telling and selling your story

Many people have often wanted to write book about their lives or any other topics but may not understand how to promote their product. While writing is the foundation of becoming an author, planning and promoting plays an essential role ...

Face your financial fears: Saving for retirement

Retirement is supposed to be a reward for decades of hard work, but if you haven’t planned well, the milestone may be a dark cloud on your horizon. In fact, new data shows that nearly 50 percent of Americans are ...

Half of Black youth face job discrimination

Qymana Botts saw White colleagues with the same amount of experience getting promoted to cashier ahead of her at the Indiana discount store where she worked.

Promoting leadership in STEM careers

The National Black MBA Association has partnered with the National Society of Black Engineers to create a strategic alliance in an effort to provide STEM professionals with enhanced leadership development and access to the country’s top corporations with interest in ...

Kevin Kirksey: Redesigning the casual sports shirt

Designer Kevin Kirksey is on a mission to become the first to redesign the polo shirt and first African American with his own leisure sports design. He calls the shirt “the Kevin Kirksey Double Collar Shirt.”

Increasing the community’s financial literacy

Irvin Ashford, the new national director for financial literacy at Comerica Inc., has dedicated his life to making the community financially successful.

Achieving success through perseverance

Dr. Monica Williams, the new vice president for Advancement at the University of North Texas at Dallas, never lets “no” stop her from achieving her dreams. “I always felt motivated by what people told me I could not do or ...

Dissent grows over GrowSouth

“It’s like we have a weird uncle living in the attic and no one wants to talk about the weird uncle living in the attic,” said Marvin Earle about the methodology used in implementing aspects of the mayor’s GrowSouth plan ...

Women more likely to face poverty during retirement

During their working years, women tend to earn less than men, and when they retire, they’re more likely to live in poverty.

Women more likely to face poverty during retirement

During their working years, women tend to earn less than men, and when they retire, they’re more likely to live in poverty.