Jackson urges technology giants to recruit more minorities

Rev. Jesse Jackson recently pushed his way through Silicon Valley to bring attention to the lack of African Americans and Latinos working in major tech companies, especially at the executive level. So far, he has targeted the big players: Hewlett ...

Wal-Mart helps revitalize South Dallas Counties

“For too long we have viewed Southern Dallas as an obligation rather than an asset,” Mayor Mike Rawlings once expressed in his GrowSouth initiative statement. “We’ve approached change in South Dallas as a daunting challenge rather than an opportunity for ...

South Dallas groups receive helping hand

In 2013, Mayor Mike Rawlings rolled out his GrowSouth 2 initiative to help grow the city of Dallas, especially Southern Dallas, considered by many to be the most neglected part of one of the most popular cities in the world.

Commemorative Air Force to bring history lessons, economic growth

“I feel like an 8-year-old, Christmas morning after I opened up those presents, and get to play with them,” Mayor Mike Rawlings expressed while surrounded by 12 WWII vintage aircraft on a runway at Dallas Executive Airport on April 29

Appetite for Advocacy

Seeking help and answers, more than 2,400 children and families have walked through the doors of the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, which offers investigation, intervention, treatment and recovery programs for children who are sexually and/or physically abused.

Tobacco ‘apology’ ads still excludes most Black media

A revised plan for major tobacco companies to purchase court-ordered ads to admit that they deliberately misled the public about the dangers of smoking would add nine White-owned newspapers to the list of publications carrying tobacco “apology” ads but shut ...

Bonton business as sweet as honey

The Bonton area of South Dallas – a predominantly African American neighborhood that encompasses parts of South Central Expressway and C.F. Hawn Freeway, extending beyond Stephenson Street to the north and past Rio Street to the south – has experienced ...

Ben Jealous still pushing technology for equality

Benjamin Todd Jealous, the former NAACP president, who has weaved a career through politics, the Black Press and civil rights, has now announced his next course of action in pursuit of racial equality and economic justice in America.

Some ‘government workers’ earning CEO wages

The CEOs of some private firms that have taken over government functions are earning as much as $8 million a year, according to a new report titled, “Exposed: America’s Highest Paid Government Workers.”

Two Podners: Restaurant to retail

“Good service, good food and good people” is the motto of Two Podners Barbeque and Sea Food restaurants. The phrase is also intended to represent the elements that helped the restaurant grow from a single barbecue eatery into Two Podners ...

Financial marketplace pressed to be more inclusive

After people of color were excluded last year from the two largest bond issuance deals in history – Verizon Communications, which sold $49 billion of debt, and Apple Inc., which sold $17 billion of debt – the Rainbow PUSH Wall ...

Judge to decide in Black Press vs. tobacco case

A “concerned” U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler is expected to rule next week on whether advertising she ordered major tobacco companies to purchase in order to correct their past false statements about the danger of smoking should be expanded to ...

Unemployment rate falls to 11.9 percent for Blacks

The unemployment rate for Blacks dipped to 11.9 percent in December, according to the Labor Department, largely because likely workers, discouraged after months of searching for jobs with little prospects, have simply stopped looking.

Black-owned television station sold

We just experienced a shameful milestone in the history of U.S. media – and barely anyone noticed.