Obama encourages youth to learn math, science

President Barack Obama is launching a version of “take your child to work day” that’s focused on America’s science laboratories instead of its corporate workspaces.

Understanding the experience of Black female entrepreneurs

Walker’s Legacy, a national women-of-color in business collective named in honor of Madam C. J. Walker

UNCF Ujima Scholars Program

S. Bank this week announced a $700,000 multi-year scholarship program in partnership with the United Negro College Fund at the seventh annual UNCF State of Minnesota Leaders’ Luncheon on Education, and offered a call to action for other Minnesota corporations ...

Payday lending supporters attack CFPB

For years deceptive and predatory lenders have bilked millions of trusting consumers from their hard-earned monies, while consumer advocates have fought back for fair and transparent lending

Wall Street Project

For Chicago-based investor and philanthropist John Rogers, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s annual Wall Street Project in New York City is a must-attend event.

Abusive debt collectors target Black consumers

An old adage teaches that one man’s pain is another’s gain. That adage is a truism when it comes to the debt collection industry.

Work-release program gives inmates confidence to stay clean

Just in time for Christmas, Jody Brayton is going home a free woman with a steady job.

Making a new rap about unity, Black dollars

The power of hip-hop and the Black economy were the topics of discussion during a press conference at the National Press Club Friday, kicking off the day’s events for the “Justice or Else” weekend here.

Jobless rates fall for high school grads, Blacks

Black Americans and high school graduates fared better in the U.S. job market in September, while those without high school diplomas and recent veterans lost ground.

Minority pilots launch effort to create networking group

Theron Burton’s parents – Arie and Oscar – often told him that he could be anything he wanted to be.

Nielsen reports untold success stories in the Black community

Acquanetta Pierce Glass, president and CEO of Avance Communications in Detroit, Michigan, used last year’s Nielsen report on Black consumers to convince one of her clients to run a 15-second trailer in movie theaters during the holiday season.

Black Economic Empowerment: Pilot entrepreneurship program aims to train Black business owners for success

Cathy Hughes went from sleeping on the floor of her radio station as a struggling single mother to the ownership of the largest Black-owned broadcast company in the U.S. and the first publicly traded company owned by an African American ...

Now is the best time to plan for retirement

It’s easy to live for the moment and leave planning the future to another time.

Boutique on Capitol Hill celebrates second year

The only African-American-owned and -operated women’s clothing boutique on Capitol Hill ushers in a new era of business opportunity and upward mobility for the District’s most precious real estate.

A call for fair, equal access to financial services

On Tuesday, the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization began a journey that will cover 860 miles and last 40 days and 40 nights. Once completed, the NAACP-sponsored America’s Journey for Justice will have trekked across Alabama, Georgia, North ...