Congress: Act on CHIP

“In this dark day of discontent So many feel despair As poverty and dissidence Cause sadness everywhere.”

A word to police officers

The arrest and harassment of Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett by Las Vegas police officers was bad in and of itself. For people of color, it represented the all-too-familiar scenario of what happens far too often: There is a confrontation that ...

Texans remain resilient in wake of Harvey

More than a week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, the devastation already appears to have surpassed the damage caused by both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy in other parts of the country.

Is this America? Kharon Davis held years without trial

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed...” – US Constitution 1789 (rev. 1992)

Education cuts ties to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Senators seek answers about new departmental appointee

A recent letter from the U.S. Department of Education to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, along with a controversial appointment, have together triggered reactions that do not bode well for the 44 million consumers who together share $1.4 trillion in ...

Praying and standing for children

As a new school year begins, I want to share prayers for our children, all of them, and for caring adults to be God’s hands and feet standing for children everywhere in these very difficult times in our nation and ...

Kaepernick’s protest, a patriotic tradition

Colin Kaepernick, the former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, is being blackballed – itself a revealing phrase – from the National Football League with the collusion of the all-White owners. He is ostracized because a year ago he exercised ...

What do we have to offer Harvey evacuees?

I had the pleasure of spending Labor Day with church members who fellowshipped with Hurricane Harvey evacuees at a barbecue my church hosted.

We are our brother’s keeper in time of trouble

What will the people do who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey? And what will “church people” do in response to the enormous needs of people that will only increase, even as the flood waters recede?

The nation must come together to help hurricane survivors

“During difficult times like this, we’re reminded that we’re bound together and we have to look out for each other. And a lot of the things that seem important, the petty differences melt away, and we focus on what binds ...

NAACP – What’s new? Hammering the same old message

“I thank God that most of the money that supports the NAACP comes from Black hands; a still larger proportion must so come, and we must not only support but ‘control’ this and similar organizations and hold them unwaveringly to ...

Power concedes nothing without demand : Lessons learned by Southeast Dallas residents

A caution sign adorns Jim Miller Road’s dead end south of Loop 12. It warns nearby children and others with the words, “CAUTION. Landfill Closure Site Construction and Environmental Hazards.”

A $14 billion drain on America’s working poor: overdraft fees

A banking fee that averages $35 per transaction collectively costs America’s consumers nearly $14 billion each year. A new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau focuses on overdraft fees and provides a profile of those hit hardest. These fees ...

A crisis of symbolism, a call for substance

Today, I want to talk about bail reform and why it matters to our community. Your Dallas County Criminal Judges and your Dallas County Commissioners and the local bail bond industry are working together to implement modern, evidence-based factors to ...

On statues, dignity and the definition of American hero

There have been a fair number of complaints about the furor over Confederate statues being scrutinized and taken down; a common response, coming from the White House and others, is that removing the statues is tantamount to removing a valuable ...