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Voting habits of Blacks

After the Civil War and during the early 20th century, Blacks for the most part voted Republican.

Time for Black Democrats to switch

The midterm elections are over, the final numbers are in and they don’t look pretty if you’re a progressive.

Dallas County: Did you Arrive with 5?

You may ask why would I start this column with that. It’s simple, that is when the next election is. On May 9, 2015, we in the city of Dallas will have an opportunity to elect six new Dallas City ...

Democrats: A party out of sync and sinking

If there was one lesson to be learned on Election Day it was this: Until President Barack Obama is gone and the Democratic Party leadership changes, Democrats will continue to lose.

Democrats have no consistent message

Pundits are likely to spend the next several weeks attempting to explain the many reasons that Republicans simply kicked the Democrats square in the hind parts to dominate both houses of Congress in ways that had not been expected

Republicans can make headway with African Americans

Last week’s midterm elections were historic.

WeVote: Dallas County election

On Tuesday, we exercised our right to vote and selected those we want to represent us. In spite of the voter ID law, we still had an opportunity to vote and have our voice heard.

Watching the elections from abroad

On Election Night, I usually stay awake as long as my eyelids are willing to cooperate.

The legacy of Attorney General Eric Holder

While speaking to reporters regarding his resignation from the Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder, who became the nation’s 82nd attorney general in February of 2009, said that he would continue to participate in the national debate on social and ...

Online career colleges flunk common sense

The most common model of college attendance is that a young person who graduates from high school and heads directly to college, perhaps taking a year off in between to work, take a “13th class.”

Dishonoring success: Street cred, bling and civil rights

If you want a provocative comment about the Black community, turn to Charles Barkley

When does one become ‘Black enough’ or ‘too Black?

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson published a revealing article a month ago on ThePlayersTribune.com in which he discussed being a bully in grade school.

“Community standards” and Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson made his first court appearance last week. It is now widely known that he was indicted for behavior that not only is not a crime in Texas, it is specifically protected.

WeVote: Proposition 8

Residents of the city of Dallas will have an opportunity to vote to increase the compensation for the mayor and council members during this election period.

Blacks are key to election victory

Although Latinos are growing at a faster rate than any other ethnic group in the United States, they will have less of an impact on whether Democrats retain control of the Senate than African Americans, according to a study of ...