Congress: Don’t hurt children

“I believe that the odds were stacked against me from the day I was born. She was never really a mother to me. She was never around,” said Bethany, a Washington, D.C., student born to a mother struggling with addiction.

Foreboding ‘Shelby’ ruling replaces hope of Selma

In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens contrasted the plight of the poor in France with the lavish wealth of the aristocracy, the city of need with the city of greed. That harsh exploitation eventually erupted in the French ...

Celebrating courageous women in history

During March, we celebrate Women’s History Month and honor the courageous women in our history who have marched, organized and advanced the promise of equality, including such giants as Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ida B. Wells ...


“Do you ask what we can do? Unite and build a store of your own. Do you ask where is the money? We have spent more than enough for nonsense.” – Maria Stewart

State AGs ask DeVos to protect federal student financial aid

An old adage teaches, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” In recent months, the troubled Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools tried and lost two legal attempts to recover eligibility for federal education funds.

The smugness, smiles of ‘good ol’ boys’ in government offices

Whenever I have watched movies having to do with race and specifically, Black people trying to get justice in a White world, what has bothered me most has been the smugness of law enforcement officers as they circumvent and avoid ...

Pursuing justice in America for Lent

The brilliant lawyer and author of the critically important book Just Mercy Bryan Stevenson said, “We have to judge how we’re doing in America, not by looking at how we treat the rich and the popular and the famous.

Private prisons slam door on justice

March 7 marked the 52nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the historic march and shocking police riot in Selma, Alabama, that helped build public support for passage of the Voting Rights Act.

A shortsighted immigration policy

At the onset of President Trump’s campaign, Mr. Trump painted Mexican immigrants with a broad and nefarious brush, demonizing them as aggravated felons whose crimes include murder, drug and illegal firearm trafficking, and rape.

Will lawmakers turn back the clock on fair housing?

When future generations read the history of the nation’s first Black president, I believe there will be greater acknowledgement of his administration’s significant accomplishments. For now, however, an undeniable strategic war is underway to dismantle the very progress President Obama ...

Strange fruit: Young men of color found hanged

Police and community members in Lake Stevens, Washington, are being careful about calling the death of 18-year-old Ben Keita a lynching.

Reflections: Messages from the last 24 years with the Black press

March 2017 marks the 24th year this column has appeared in Black newspapers and periodicals across the nation and in other countries as well. It’s time for reflection.

A time for courage, truth

After the new administration’s first Black History Month event included a general reference to 19th century lion Frederick Douglass as “somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more,” Frederick Douglass’s descendants jumped in with their ...

‘Fake news’ claims insult an institution that has risked lives to advance liberty

“The brutality with which officials would have quelled the Black individual became impotent when it could not be pursued with stealth and remain unobserved. It was caught – as a fugitive from a penitentiary is often caught – in gigantic ...

New administration: Unity will trump division

The early phases of Donald Trump’s presidency have been very alarming for some.