‘Christian’ leaders, protestors: God sent the shooter

I am examining and writing about how in this country there is not one God but at least two: the God of White people and the God of Black people.

Ray Charles could see that!

If the legendary entertainer Ray Charles was still with us, he, no doubt, would have had someone read to him the special report by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, since he was sightless for the majority of his life.

A summer to remember

As the school year ends and families look ahead to summer plans, I hope many will be able to consider travel that is not just a vacation, but an education and inspiration.

Your vote does count. Your vote matters

I can’t overemphasize the importance of voting to those who are eligible. Not only are you voting for your interests, you’re also voting for the future and for those who can’t or won’t. I was elected 26 years ago to ...

Justice for Maleah! Mother’s ex-fiancé arrested, charged in connection with missing 4-year-old girl

The case involving 4-year-old Maleah Davis has caused a major stir across the Greater Houston area, as the details surrounding the case have gone from disturbing to downright heart- wrenching.

Staying vigilant on Brown, education and justice

As a teenager, many of Barbara Johns’ wildest dreams were about a surprising subject: a new school.

As the ancestors turn in their graves

It has been fascinating and troubling at the same time to listen to candidates being considered to be judges in federal courts across this nation back away from affirming the necessity of Brown v. Board of Education, which was decided ...

NRA scandal: Please don’t shoot me!

One of the groups that fiercely fought for Donald Trump to become president during the 2016 presidential election was the National Rifle Association, whose leadership contends that the solution to our nation’s gun violence epidemic is for citizens to arm ...

Missed opportunity

Most of us are too far away from history to know the sacrifices made by many so that African Americans could vote. And many of us have not studied our history to know about the sacrifices made by others so ...

‘You can’t win like that’

“I can’t do a lot of the extra stuff that I would like to do for my kids or with my kids because I just can’t afford to. No vacations. There’s not too much going to the movies or little ...

Paid parental leave, a new day in DeSoto and in Texas

It gives me such great pride to say that as of this past month, DeSoto is the first city in North Texas to guarantee paid parental leave for city employees. It’s been a long road to get here.

How Americans handle the phenomenon of Donald Trump

It has been said that the reason he is president is not because of who voted for him, but because of those who did not vote.

Tenth Street, a Freedmen’s Town with hope

Black History Month 2019 is officially over, but it lives 365 days a year in communities right here in Dallas. With the 400-year history of recognition of the transatlantic slave trade upon us, we know that Jamestown, Virginia, is not ...

Information is power: Educating citizens to become informed voters

The Dallas Examiner has a history of initiating and carrying the conversation in Dallas about voting. We believe and have demonstrated that voting is a right that everyone should exercise, especially African Americans, because of our history of being denied ...

Women in search of peace

While the national and international media has vigorously highlighted recent meetings between President Donald J. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, very little has been broadcast or written about the persistent work of thousands of women peace activists who ...