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Tempers flare during DA’s first discussion on police shootings

It was evident on Monday night that people in Dallas are hurting. They are in pain. They were frustrated.

Cops kill at least two Blacks each week

Occasionally, police officers behave in such a dastardly manner that it captures international attention.

Message to Generation Y: This is your Jena

As the newly elected president of the Dallas NAACP, I had the privilege of helping to coordinate the Dallas delegation that participatd in the nationwide rally to Jena, Louisiana, to support the “Jena Six.” The Jena Six were six Black ...

Fairness, equality in voting for all of our citizens

America has endured a long and painful history of voter disenfranchisement. There were times when minority citizens were forced to pay poll taxes before they could exercise the right to vote

Building a better future for Dallas and its residents

The city of Dallas is in the midst of its annual budget process and my office was recently approached by a group of people looking to make sure that Dallas Animal Services gets the money it needs to operate effectively.

Dogs get more respect than Michael Brown

It doesn’t matter if you are a state legislator or an alderman, a journalist or a local leader. If you are in Ferguson, Missouri, you won’t get any respect. You can be the uncle of a victim whose body was ...

The time is always now

Al Sharpton recently spoke at the National Bar Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. I always take every opportunity to hear Sharpton because his speeches are filled with powerful and true phrases.

Democrats’ smart butt White boys syndrome

In 1984, former UN Ambassador Andrew Young described the inner circle of Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale as “smart a– White boys” who thought they knew everything.

Message to my generation: Time to move on

I’m going to stick to my 70’s theme. Teddy Pendergrass had a very popular sing during this time. In the chorus of the song, “TKO,” Teddy made the statement: I think I better let it go. This is the message ...

Let’s end veteran homelessness once and for all

At the beginning of June, 85 mayors, governors and county officials from across the country – and across the political spectrum – signed on to the Mayors Challenge to End Veterans Homelessness. Today, we’re announcing that in the two months ...

The GOP at Captitol Hill: Chaos, control is their goal

Three events occurred in the tight confines of Capitol Hill last week that underscore the Republican Party’s extraordinary institutional decline and its responsibility for Congress fully deserving its “do-nothing” label.

Taxpayers fund corporate tax avoiders, legislative gridlock

Last quarter’s rate of economic growth is good news, especially after the economy stalled, losing momentum in the first quarter of 2014

Lawyers are still needed in the fight for justice

Prior to and during the Civil Rights Movement, Black lawyers were the protectors of our civil rights.

China dominated US-Africa summit

Although the continent of Africa has 54 countries, the nation that received the most attention at last week’s US-Africa Summit in Washington, D.C., was China. That’s because the U.S. is trying to catch up with and surpass the Asian superpower. ...

The mental health crisis in the United States

Our country’s mental health system is in shambles, and many of the most severely ill are being harshly excluded from treatment systems. Many of the most severely ill are destitute or homeless.