Shall we say grace?

When I was a child, my father kept an editorial cartoon pinned up in the vestibule of our church that made a deep impression on me I have never forgotten. It was a black-and-white drawing by the Pulitzer Prize-winning artist ...

Revelation: The real face of American evangelicals

I was troubled beyond words when I read that American evangelicals recently asked people to pray for the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, who is allegedly responsible for the vicious murder and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist ...

Because of the Supreme Court’s complicity, our elections lack integrity

With more races being decided by ever-slimmer margins, like in Florida’s gubernatorial and senate elections, increasing attention is being paid to who can and cannot vote, and how difficult the voting process has become for certain Americans.

Trump’s racism by omission: Theatrics targeting Black reporters overshadows questions on voter suppression

April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, and other journalists of color, have not been favorites of President Donald Trump. From telling Ryan to set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus when she asked if ...

New act could mean prison reform now

In the few remaining weeks of the 115th Congress, it is imperative that we witness the passage of legislation that will, among other things, overhaul the nation’s sentencing guidelines, and give judges the option of bypassing so-called mandatory minimum sentences ...

Bigotry's explosion: The race war bubbling to erupt

I read a story this week about a government official in Texas, a White man, who said, “We’re a part of the master race.”

Does Democratic takeover of the House mean the ACA is safe?

I’m signing it for 11-year-old Marcelas Owens, who’s also here.

Lessons in servant leadership

“The way through chaos, calamity and confusion is not by adding chaos, calamity and confusion. That multiplies what’s hurting us and undermining us. The Hebrew and Christian Bibles insist from the first chapter to the last chapter you cannot overcome ...

CFPB neglects duty to enforce Military Lending Act

Although predatory lending often conjures up images of an economically blighted urban America, seldom does the image of an enlisted man or woman come to mind. But just as check cashing stores and auto title loan shops focus on communities ...

The Beto effect: The man behind the Texas’ blue wave

The 2018 midterm elections have come and gone here in the great state of Texas, and all across Texas, especially in Harris County and Fort Bend County, Democrats faired extremely well. The results of many of the key county and ...

What a Democratic House must do

In the next Congress that convenes in January, it is my intention to seek the chairmanship of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology, a panel on which I now sit as its ranking member.

Why we kneel: An act of love, respect

The president’s behavior at the celebration in Paris for the 100th anniversary of World War I ending

Succeeding against the odds

After two years of divisive, hateful rhetoric from the highest levels of government, the profoundly inhumane treatment of immigrant families, and the placement of corporate profits ahead of the basic needs of children

African American survivors - invisible in plain sight

Where’s my face? I’m searching for my reflection or the echo of my story, but to my dismay I’m considered a ghost and mute. My complexion has cast a shadow before me again. The Black story has been lost in ...

Lessons from Ruby Bridges

I recently had the joy of presenting an award from the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs to Ruby Bridges.