On ‘the base’ of the American electorate

While nearly a million federal workers are not being paid as the government shutdown continues into its second week, the fact that the impetus behind the president’s position is pleasing “the base” is disgusting.

A more diverse Congress, a more perfect union?

The 116th Congress, sworn in on January 3, is the most diverse our nation has ever seen. There are more women – 102 – than ever before. More members of the Congressional Black Caucus – 55 – than ever before.

Living in America while being Black under the Trump regime

Currently, there are several Black people in America who believe that it is not important or relevant to consider them Black

Will a new consumer bureau director heed the agency’s mission?

In her first news conference as a Senate-confirmed director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Kathleen Kraninger’s remarks sounded a lot like Mick Mulvaney, her former boss at the Office of Budget and Management.

White churches have a moral responsibility to stand up

In 2019, we will commemorate 400 years since the first 20 slaves were transported by ship from Africa by White slave traders and landed in Jamestown, Virginia. Now, four centuries later, race remains a central dividing line.

The myth of ‘law and order’ in America

I have long been troubled by the fact that politicians, including judges and lawmakers, will and do swear “upon the Bible” that they will “faithfully execute” the requirements of their offices or “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing ...

We shall protect your healthcare

The latest attack on vulnerable Americans who need assistance to ensure that they and their families have adequate and affordable health insurance comes not from the United States Congress, where the law providing such insurance was challenged more than 60 ...

Congratulations to Rep. Karen Bass, elected to chair the largest CBC in history

“More than building a career, what I have done throughout my life is followed my passion for activism. … So the theme I’ve noticed in my life is that great success has come when I was simply doing the things ...

America, we must protect our children!

Six years ago, Dec. 14 started off like an ordinary morning in classrooms across our country. Children rushed into school bundled against the cold, chatting and laughing and trying to contain all of their extra energy and excitement from the ...

DeVos hid student loan repayment abuses for 18 months

In February 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued Navient Corporation and two of its subsidiaries for allegedly using shortcuts and deception to illegally cheat 12 million borrowers out of their rights to lower loan repayments.

GM layoffs are a result of Trump’s tax plan, trade wars

Last week, General Motors announced it will be shutting down five factories and cutting almost 14,000 jobs in North America.

Strength, weakness of President George H.W. Bush

The passing of former President George H.W. Bush has inspired the vocalization of deep love and appreciation for all this man did. Certainly, in this period of political ugliness,

Remembering President George H.W. Bush

At the funeral tribute for his late wife, Barbara, who died last April, former President George H.W. Bush sat pensively in his wheelchair near her casket,

Early voting and expanded absentee voting are key to fair elections

“Georgia elections officials deployed a known strategy of voter suppression: closing and relocating polling places.

A new moral, human low

It has come to this: tear-gassing toddlers. Heartbreaking images of the American government’s attacks on asylum-seekers at the border have emerged over the past several days.