The state of Black America – Education

“What the people want is very simple: they want an America as good as its promise.” – Rep. Barbara C. Jordan

Maxine Waters works to shrink wealth gap

One of the leading freedom fighters in the United States Congress is none other than the extraordinarily dynamic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif. Waters does not bite her tongue. Not only has she gained the top Democratic seniority position in the ...

Free speech hypocrisy, the damage of bigotry and hatred

This winter the media’s been ablaze with stories about racist, homophobic and sexist slurs being hurled this way and that by college students and other adults.

Low-income children to get shafted by Congress

Congress is about to strike a deal that takes care of seniors and doctors but leaves low-income and “at-risk” children short. Congress’ annual struggle to avoid cuts in Medicare reimbursement rates so physicians will continue to give seniors the care ...

I had no idea I had a heart attack

Nothing was more startling than when a cardiologist looked me directly in the eyes and said matter-of-factly: “It looks like you had a heart attack.” I was dumbfounded. When? Where? How much damage was done? Why didn’t I know it?

Austin – we have a problem!

There is no question that these are difficult times, and in Texas it seems the times get more difficult whenever the Legislature is in session. Already during the 84th Texas Legislature we’ve been treated to a barrage of issues, from ...

Lynch must be confirmed as attorney general

Loretta Lynch, the president’s nominee to replace Eric Holder as the U.S. Attorney General, is poised to become the first African American woman to lead the Justice Department. She is a Harvard-educated lawyer with a reputation as a tough prosecutor.

Inequity in education funding shortchanges our future

“That all citizens will be given an equal start through a sound education is one of the most basic, promised rights of our democracy. Our chronic refusal as a nation to guarantee that right for all children, including poor children, ...

Women’s History Month: A proclamation by the president of the United States of America

Throughout history, extraordinary women have fought tirelessly to broaden our democracy’s reach and help perfect our Union.

Below-the-belt attacks on the Obamas

No United States president has been more disrespected than Barack Obama – and his family.

188 years of Black Press excellence in USA

In recognition of the 75th Anniversary of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, I believe it is important to emphasize both the historical and contemporary mission, value and success of the Black Press in America. For the past 188 years, Black ...

Battling chikungunya in Dallas County

First, it was West Nile virus, which has loomed over Dallas County in every mosquito season since 2002. Now, there is a new virus on our doorstep – chikungunya. Like West Nile, chikungunya is transmitted by mosquitoes.

Political frustration: Rhetoric vs. true solutions

Writing has been a catharsis for me since my “angry days” in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. I used to write “Last Poets” kind of stuff and just put it away afterwards. Writing was a release to lower the ...

Continuing the mission of the Selma-to-Montgomery March

Fifty years ago I traveled from Mississippi to Selma, Alabama, on March 21, 1965, to join Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and thousands of fellow citizens marching the 54 miles to the steps of the state’s capitol in Montgomery.

Connecting to the Black consumer

The National Newspaper Publishers Association entered into an agreement with Nielsen in 2010 for Nielsen to do a series of three reports titled “The State of the African American Consumer.” The reports examined the African American consumer and their buying ...