Economic gospel of churches working together

On Dec. 3, the Collective Empowerment Group, formerly known as the Collective Banking Group of Prince George’s County and Vicinity, will celebrate a milestone achievement – its 20th anniversary.

Charters and heavy testing hurt our schools

Across the country, parents have been in revolt against high-stakes standardized testing, with kids tested over and over again while creativity is cut out of classroom curricula. Parents – particularly in targeted urban schools from Chicago to Boston – are ...

Rigged racial bias in jury selection still continues today

“Illegal and unconstitutional jury selection procedures cast doubt on the integrity of the whole judicial process. They create the appearance of bias in the decision of individual cases, and they increase the risk of actual bias as well.” – Supreme ...

Be part of the solution, not the problem

School children don’t need one more “Officer Slam,” as some students referred to the White South Carolina school resource officer who this week shamed the nation with his violent ejection of a 16-year-old Black female student from her classroom for ...

Politicians want media to ignore their lies

Politicians and would-be politicians running for president can’t have it both ways: They can’t filibuster while refusing to answer direct questions during televised debates and then complain about not having enough time to talk.

National commission on race, poverty needed

When the Founders wrote the Constitution, Blacks were considered three-fifths human. In a compromise at the constitutional convention, the Constitution was written to allow slave states to count each slave as three-fifths of a person for the purposes of the ...

The dearth of Black media ownership

In war, one of the first things the enemy does is destroy his adversary’s ability to communicate within its ranks. Chaos likely ensues if a fighting force cannot communicate internally. Individual soldiers end up doing their own thing, left to ...

Secrets of the wealthy: Ten ways to live like a millionaire

Born into poverty in Union City, New Jersey, Alan Weiss worked his way through college, hoping to create a life very different from his upbringing. He joined a consulting firm, but had a major setback when he was fired in ...

Crying in the wilderness for Republicans to be more inclusive

My friends sometimes jokingly refer to me as the John the Baptist of the Republican Party.

When Congressional bipartisanship worked

Amidst the shameful dysfunctional legislative gridlock of the U.S. House of Representatives, it was a great joy last week to celebrate a time and a leader – former Minnesota Senator and Vice President Walter Mondale – when bipartisanship, common sense ...

An 11-hour infomercial for Clinton

House Republicans’ Benghazi hearing last week was designed to further lower Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers in her quest to become president. But the Republican strategy backfired as the televised hearing became an 11-hour infomercial for Hillary Clinton.

Higher-ed summit focus: equity, affordability

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

The GOP’s ‘get Clinton’ committee strikes

Add another line to Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for the presidency: “Faced down the latest Republican Party attempt to wreck the Democratic Party and the two-party system in America.”

Poor Black communities remain separate, impoverished

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic candidate for president, shocked people when he noted that 51 percent of African Americans aged 17 through 20 who have graduated high school or dropped out of high school are unemployed.

Your life, legacy: Will your family get bills or benefits?

When you die, what will you leave behind, bills or benefits?