We need a president of Black America

Before the “Tuesday Evening Massacre” of the Elephants over the Donkeys, in January 2009, I wrote an article that warned about our being complacent and resting on the mere fact that we had elected a Black president.

Loretta Lynch is the right choice for attorney general

I had the honor of visiting the White House for President Obama’s announcement of his choice to succeed Eric Holder, who recently declared his decision to retire as attorney general of the United States.

Race, justice and the 2014 midterm elections

Is there any doubt about the preeminence of the race factor that helped to determine the outcome of the 2014 midterm elections across the United States? I have no doubt.

One person can make a difference

This past week, I had the pleasure of talking with a young man who is a first-year teacher in the Dallas Independent School District. He teaches the fourth grade in a very low-income area of the city. The school doesn’t ...

Little progress in ‘Sweet home Alabama’

It’s been almost 50 years since I lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I go back from time to time, but not much after Mama moved to Cleveland about 35 years ago and later to Augusta, Georgia.

Why Democrats lost the midterms

Now that the dust has settled after our nation’s 2014 elections across the country, here is my two cents worth on what has happened during the last couple of years, and what it means now.

Democrats did not invest wisely in Black candidates

A total of $172 million. That was the record amount the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised in 2013 and 2014. But that money was poorly spent, which helped account for such a decisive midterm defeat.

Loretta Lynch deserves swift confirmation as attorney general

African American women were excited about President Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as attorney general of the United States.

Passing the baton: Looking to the past for a better future

In wake of the tragic plane crash that killed Pastor Myles Munroe, his wife, Ruth, and seven other passengers of the Bahamas Faith Ministries en route to a Global Leadership Forum, I came across one of his last interviews on ...

Voting habits of Blacks

After the Civil War and during the early 20th century, Blacks for the most part voted Republican.

Time for Black Democrats to switch

The midterm elections are over, the final numbers are in and they don’t look pretty if you’re a progressive.

Dallas County: Did you Arrive with 5?

You may ask why would I start this column with that. It’s simple, that is when the next election is. On May 9, 2015, we in the city of Dallas will have an opportunity to elect six new Dallas City ...

Democrats: A party out of sync and sinking

If there was one lesson to be learned on Election Day it was this: Until President Barack Obama is gone and the Democratic Party leadership changes, Democrats will continue to lose.

Democrats have no consistent message

Pundits are likely to spend the next several weeks attempting to explain the many reasons that Republicans simply kicked the Democrats square in the hind parts to dominate both houses of Congress in ways that had not been expected

Republicans can make headway with African Americans

Last week’s midterm elections were historic.