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Join us for WeVote ‘Arrive with 5’

Monday Night Politics–Meet the Candidates, which we present during every election period, has been well attended during March and April. The audience seemed to be intoned with the need to vote and become more familiar with the candidates running in ...

Celebrating the Black Press

Last week, publishers from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Jackson, Mississippi, Atlanta, North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, Philadelphia and Baltimore gathered in Washington, D.C., to celebrate 75 years of Black newspapers telling our stories.

Connecting to the Black consumer

The National Newspaper Publishers Association entered into an agreement with Nielsen in 2010 for Nielsen to do a series of three reports titled “The State of the African American Consumer.” The reports examined the African American consumer and their buying ...

Black History and its relevancy: A Community Conversation

Many people today have a limited knowledge of Black history. There is limited information in public school textbooks about the struggles of African Americans, as well as our contributions to American history.

Reflections: Life in a partially integrated society

I have heard the stories so many times. I feel I lived them – that I experienced them. The stories are real for me also – my husband’s experiences living in a partially integrated society – attending an integrated high ...

Living in a segregated society – my reflections

This month I have spent more time than usual reflecting on my life in a segregated society. Seeing the movie Selma and events leading up to the march on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama and looking at the movie ...

A political look at Texas Black history

Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the Harvard-trained historian who brilliantly birthed the idea that led to the celebration of Black History Month, believed that all people regardless of their race, color or national origin should study and embrace the history of ...

An evening with Joanne Bland

Saturday I attended An Evening with Joanne Bland at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters.

The relevancy of Black history

Carter G. Woodson established Negro History Week, which began Feb. 12, 1926. He scheduled the week to match the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln.

‘Give Us the Ballot’

Martin Luther King Jr. said in his Give Us the Ballot address to the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom in Washington, D.C., on May 17, 1957: “Give us the ballot, and we will no longer have to worry the federal government ...

What is the state of your union?

Every year in January, we can look forward to hearing the president of the United States give his State of the Union Address. This is the opportunity for the president to set the agenda for the upcoming year and to ...

The importance of research funding

Recently, a group of scientists announced the discovery of a new powerful antibiotic that they say has the potential to reduce deaths from dangerous infections. An estimated 75,000 people die each year from hospital-acquired infections, but new antibiotics are rarely ...

Continuing a legacy

Monday was the 29th year of the Elite News Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade and Festival in Dallas. It was the first year without Bill Blair, founder of the parade and publisher of the Elite News. Daryl Blair, his ...

An opportunity to serve

After Sunday morning worship services at St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church, staff from the Dallas Independent School District held a training session for members interested in volunteering at Dallas ISD schools.

Generation now or generation next?

As we begin a new year, I would like to take a few moments to look back on how 2014 ended. We saw across the country as a series of marches, protests and rallies of people of all ages began ...