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Local Commentaries


Small Black businesses

Most Black owned-business in Dallas are small, but they provide important services to the community and are vital for the community’s survival

MOM helps with grieving, recovery

While many people are preparing for the fall season and anticipating the kickoff of the State Fair of Texas, others are reflecting upon a difficult time in their lives

The New York Times schooled on Adrian Peterson

“Adrian Peterson Indicted” reads The New York Times online story by Steve Eder and Pat Borziof, Sept. 12.

Blacks and jury duty

Thursday night Friendship-West Community Baptist Church hosted a town hall meeting with Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, Police Chief David Brown and Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez.

Final political forum before Election Day

Monday night was the last night of Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates forums for the upcoming election Nov. 4.

Ferguson from a father’s point of view

I was just getting back after spending the weekend celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary, and I went on my Facebook page and saw several posts about Ferguson, Missouri, and social justice

Zimmerman killed a Black youth, got away with it

That opened the flood gates for shooting Black men. I have skin in the game, with two Black sons, seven Black grandsons and two Black great-grandsons!

Our right to vote, be heard

We call Freedom Summer the period from June through September 1964 when a multi-racial group of thousands of student volunteers and organizers traveled to Mississippi from across the country to assist with local voter registration in Mississippi.

Access to quality education

This past week, State District Judge John Dietz ruled that the present funding for our public schools is unconstitutional. We often talk about something being unconstitutional without really thinking about what the Constitution actually says. Let’s start at the beginning:

Judge Dietz’ ruling in Texas’ school finance case

If being conservative is defined as carefully monitoring and making best use of one’s resources, then I can be called a fiscal conservative

John Wiley Price, my jailbird friend

John Wiley Price has been my friend for more than 20 years.

Monday nights, focusing on the candidates

The first Monday Night Politics – Meet the Candidates forum for the general election, which is Nov. 4, was held on Monday.

Tempers flare during DA’s first discussion on police shootings

It was evident on Monday night that people in Dallas are hurting. They are in pain. They were frustrated.

Message to Generation Y: This is your Jena

As the newly elected president of the Dallas NAACP, I had the privilege of helping to coordinate the Dallas delegation that participatd in the nationwide rally to Jena, Louisiana, to support the “Jena Six.” The Jena Six were six Black ...

Fairness, equality in voting for all of our citizens

America has endured a long and painful history of voter disenfranchisement. There were times when minority citizens were forced to pay poll taxes before they could exercise the right to vote