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Back to school: Are they ready to read?

For many students in District 30, the first few weeks of school are met with much enthusiasm and high expectations to succeed in the classroom setting. While students are prepared physically to go to school, many students are not prepared ...

Challenging every vestige of hatred, racism

I recently watched the movie Hidden Figures, the important factual film about three Black female mathematicians and their inestimable,

Texans remain resilient in wake of Harvey

More than a week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, the devastation already appears to have surpassed the damage caused by both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy in other parts of the country.

What do we have to offer Harvey evacuees?

I had the pleasure of spending Labor Day with church members who fellowshipped with Hurricane Harvey evacuees at a barbecue my church hosted.

We are our brother’s keeper in time of trouble

What will the people do who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey? And what will “church people” do in response to the enormous needs of people that will only increase, even as the flood waters recede?

Power concedes nothing without demand : Lessons learned by Southeast Dallas residents

A caution sign adorns Jim Miller Road’s dead end south of Loop 12. It warns nearby children and others with the words, “CAUTION. Landfill Closure Site Construction and Environmental Hazards.”

A crisis of symbolism, a call for substance

Today, I want to talk about bail reform and why it matters to our community. Your Dallas County Criminal Judges and your Dallas County Commissioners and the local bail bond industry are working together to implement modern, evidence-based factors to ...

The Forest Theater redevelopment should lift the entire community

For over two and a half years, Junie Development, LLC, a collaboration involving Kennedy Barnes and Ward White, both successful attorneys with proven entertainment project creation, along with Dr. Terry Flowers, headmaster of the St. Philips School and Community Center, ...

From Confederacy to neighborhood inequity

While activists fight to tear down the stone-carved painful reminders of a past when Africans suffered under chattel slavery, a concurrent public action to make the wrongs in Dallas right has been taking place.

Community challenges: Education, engagement

The lyrics of Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues in 1971 can give us pause in 2017 to reflect. It is amazing that the words to the song are still relevant to some degree in our society today. Still fighting for ...

Abbott’s, Patrick’s most harmful missed opportunity

The singular failure of the recent special session was Gov. Abbott’s and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s refusal to support the effort by Texas House leaders to address the woefully inadequate level of state funding for our local public schools.

The trilogy of history: a fact of reality of progress and failure

From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered what history has noted as the I Have a Dream speech.

STEM advances should include minorities

Innovations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields drive our economy and produce products and services that touch all of our lives.

Voter suppression in the wake of Shelby Co.

Voter suppression is a serious issue that threatens the integrity of our elections.

Honoring the fallen: Dallas shooting one year later

One year ago, members of our community took to the streets of downtown Dallas to exercise their first amendment rights by speaking out and peacefully protesting against the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. What began as a peaceful ...