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School officer training is critical for success

While many issues divided legislators along ideological lines this session, there was one important issue where we all stood united: That Texas’ children deserve the best educational environment in order to promote their success.

A salute to our high school graduates

It is an honor to congratulate all high school graduates in the 30th Congressional District for successfully completing your high school education.

Our new City Council members

Four new people have been elected to serve on the Dallas City Council for Districts 3, 4, 7 and 8. These four districts are the designated African American districts on the council.

Old school teaching: ‘Sit down and shut up’

Another legislative session has come and gone, and education was once again a hot topic.

We must vote to make a difference in Dallas

Even 100 years after the Civil War, African Americans were denied the right to register and vote. Voters in the South faced the majority of the discrimination at the polls. Most Blacks that attempted to register faced barriers such as ...

MNP-Trinity Parkway forum cancelled

With much regret, we had to cancel Monday Night Politics: Trinity Parkway Concept scheduled for Monday because we were not able to get qualified presenters to discuss the pros and cons.

When are we going to fix our schools?

One of my key responsibilities as a state senator is to ask questions about the hundreds of new laws and proposed changes that pass through the Legislature each session to ensure we will accomplish what is best for Texas. But ...

Texas Black business: Time to go ‘back to the future’

It often seems the only time Black Texans think about Black-owned businesses is when it’s time to complain about shoddy customer service, or the difficulty in finding them conveniently, or their failure to carry preferred brands. Rarely do we equate ...

Excellence in Journalism

The Press Club of Dallas awarded 13 Excellence in Journalism Awards on the night of May 21 at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas. The Press Club is committed to advocating and defending the free practice ...

Monday Night Politics: Runoff Elections

On May 9, Dallas residents voted for a mayor and City Council members. Incumbent Mike Rawlings won the majority vote for mayor. Carolyn Arnold won the majority vote to become the councilmember for District 4.

Speaking out, standing up

First lady Michelle Obama was the commencement speaker at Tuskegee University on Saturday. Tuskegee is a private historically Black university in Tuskegee, Alabama, established in 1881 by Booker T. Washington.

The War on Poverty

When I graduated in May 1965 from The University of Denver with a B.A. degree, I wanted to find a job, not go to graduate school. Unfortunately, there were not many jobs available for recent college graduates with majors in ...

Support goes both ways

Why should a candidate reach out to the African American community when voting records indicate that – out of over 40,000 eligible voters in each district – District 3 has 43,608, District 4 has 44,993, District 7 has 40,529 and ...

The long life, legacy of Stanley Marcus

If he were still alive, Harold “Stanley” Marcus would have celebrated his 110th birthday on April 20. When most people think of him, they recall the many years that he served as president and chairman of the board of Neiman ...

Early childhood education is critical

Early childhood education is of critical importance to the future of our children, and our nation. Children who experience seamless and comprehensive services from birth until age 5 are more likely to enter kindergarten prepared for success with a strong ...