Oprah Winfrey and her mom, Vernita Lee, finished strong

Oprah Winfrey’s mother, Vernita Lee, died less than two months ago on Thanksgiving Day, and Oprah recently shared with People magazine the tender story of their last conversation.

Why is Sen. McConnell against improving our democracy?

Recently, Sen. Mitch McConnell authored a piece in the Washington Post where he falsely portrayed H.R. 1, the House Democrat’s sweeping anti-corruption, pro-democracy reform bill, as a partisan attack on political freedom.

Having a mother in the House to keep it in order

I have smiled, chuckled and laughed out loud watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi handle the president of the United States. She has reminded me of my own mother, and of the mothers I have known and watched. Mothers have a ...

Spike Lee’s best director nomination is long overdue

“People of color have a constant frustration of not being represented, or being misrepresented, and these images go around the world. … I do not think there is going to be any substantial movement until people of color get into ...

Moving forward to prevent gun violence

When 26-year-old Stockton, California, Councilman Michael Tubbs was elected in 2016 as Stockton’s first Black mayor

America should view James Baldwin’s Beale Street with different optics

Beale Street is anywhere Black USA – rural or urban – where the 24/7 steady drumbeat of Black Lives Matter beat out justice against a pernicious rhythm of “implicit bias and unconscious discrimination.”

Don’t let predatory tax loans take your refunds

For many consumers, the New Year brings an annual effort to file taxes early enough to help pay off big bills, replace major appliances or tuck away a few bucks for the proverbial “rainy day.”

Deciphering the meaning of ‘Christianity’

Following the announcement that his wife would be working at a school that bans homosexual teachers and students

Elected enemies: The government shutdown that is crippling America

Imagine having to choose between paying your mortgage and picking up the much-needed prescription for your health crisis because the job you report to and the federal resources you have relied on to live day to day are no longer ...

A call to conscience

Jan. 15 would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 90th birthday. How should we honor him today?

A new year for children

As we begin the New Year, every new headline reminds us that these are very tumultuous times. I start this season redoubling my determination to focus all my energies toward helping build a transforming movement for children to end child ...

A message to presidential candidates: A winning strategy includes a plan for Black America

“You want our vote, come get our vote.” – Angela Lang, executive director, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities

On ‘the base’ of the American electorate

While nearly a million federal workers are not being paid as the government shutdown continues into its second week, the fact that the impetus behind the president’s position is pleasing “the base” is disgusting.

A more diverse Congress, a more perfect union?

The 116th Congress, sworn in on January 3, is the most diverse our nation has ever seen. There are more women – 102 – than ever before. More members of the Congressional Black Caucus – 55 – than ever before.

Living in America while being Black under the Trump regime

Currently, there are several Black people in America who believe that it is not important or relevant to consider them Black